Senco WhisperGrip Subfloor Nails

Senco WhisperGrip Subfloor Nails

Squeaky floors are a fact of life. But it happens on a floor you just installed, the quality of your work comes into question. There are plenty of ways to get it right on the initial install and methods for a remodeling project as well. Senco is throwing another concept into the ring with new Senco WhisperGrip Subfloor Nails.

It’s not an uncommon occurrence – here’s another new fastener with another new tool to buy. So it’s not just a relatively inexpensive test of buying a box to see how they do. It’s investing in a whole new system. Or is it?

Senco WhisperGrip Subfloor Nails don’t require a proprietary tool. The new fasteners come in 2-, 2-3/8-, and 2-1/2-inch lengths. Their collation is specific to use in your 15-degree coil nailer.

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When it comes to the specific details, there is obviously some innovation in the nail itself. The lower rings grab hold tight of the joist or stud. The upper rings keep the nail at its countersunk depth even if you manage to miss the stud.

The physical design is intelligent, but there’s some chemical help as well. Senco’s proprietary SENCOTE coating acts as a lubricant when you fire the nail in. From there, it changes to an adhesive form to add additional grip.

The big deal for Pros is that you want to avoid callbacks. They cost you money since you could be working on another project. But everyone with wood subfloors knows about squeaks. The more often you do the job with squeak-free results, the more likely your clients are to recommend you to their friends. And word of mouth advertising is gold for any contractor.

Senco WhisperGrip Subfloor Nails Key Features

  • Upper rings hold countersink position
  • Lower rings pull tight to stud or joist
  • SENCOTE lubricates during fastening then turns to adhesive to give chemical bonding
  • Fires from 15-gauge coil nailers

Senco WhisperGrip Subfloor Nails Specifications

  • Faster Collation: 15-degree coil wire
  • Nail Size: 2″, 2-3/8″, 2-1/2″
  • Diameter: 0.099 (2″), 0.113 (2-3/8″), 0.131 (2-1/2″)
  • Count: 6600 (2″), 4000 (2-3/8″, 2-1/2″)
  • Head: Full Round
  • Finish: Bright Basic
  • Point: Diamond

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