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Spyder Diamond Edge Universal Cut-Off Wheel

Spyder Diamond Edge Universal Cut-Off Wheel

Spyder Diamond Edge Universal Cut-Off Wheel Powers Through the Daily Grind

Spyder recently released its Diamond Edge Universal Cut-Off Wheel, a 4-1/2″ abrasive wheel that has no problem tearing through just about any material without losing diameter. We got our hands on it and cut through a variety of metals to see how well it performs.


  • Lasts up to 100x as long as bonded abrasives
  • Doesn’t lose diameter over its life
  • More stable cutting
  • Lower cost per cut than bonded abrasives
  • Lower cost than Lenox MetalMax


  • Higher initial cost than bonded abrasives ($7.50 per wheel)
  • Cuts slower than abrasive wheels


Buy it if you’re looking for extremely long life from your cut-off wheels or overall cost savings. Pass if cutting speed is your number 1 priority. 

Using the Spyder Diamond Edge Universal Cut-Off Wheel

As the name might suggest, the Spyder Diamond Edge Universal Cut-Off Wheel’s primary feature revolves around its diamond abrasive edge that makes it suitable for cutting just about any material. It can tackle concrete, masonry, aluminum, ceramic tile, stainless steel, cast iron, rebar, composite, pipe, asphalt, and any ferrous metal.

We used the cut-off wheel on metal—cutting through rebar, medium-wall pipe, and angle iron. If you’re going to tackle any concrete cutting/scoring, keep OSHA’s silica dust regulations in mind.

Spyder Diamond Edge Universal Cut-Off Wheel

One of the things we really like about moving away from the bonded abrasive is how much more stable diamond wheels are. Spyder’s shatter-resistant steel core also won’t blow apart like conventional bonded abrasive wheels, making these wheels safer to use, especially when you’re training up new guys and gals.

Rather than grinding away slowly like a bonded wheel, these keep their 4-1/2″ diameter throughout the life of the wheel. And because the diamond abrasive doesn’t wear away with each cut, there’s less dust and debris while you use it.

Spyder Diamond Edge Universal Cut-Off Wheel

While all of that is great, there is a trade-off to consider. Our bonded abrasives are faster cutting than this Spyder (or any other) diamond wheel. It’s the nature of the beast, but one that we’re generally willing to make.

If you do a ton of serial cutting every day, it’s something that might legitimately slow you down on a cut-by-cut basis. You’ll make some of that time back by not changing wheels as often, though.


How Much Do They Cost?

Spyder claims that their cut-off wheel cuts for less than their competitors due to their diamond abrasive lasting up to 100x longer than conventional wheels. If we do the math, it’s a pretty easy argument to make.

Looking around on Amazon, I found some inexpensive 4-1/2″ cut-off wheels for about $30 (50-pack). Moving over to a brand name wheel, Makita 4-1/2″ cut-off wheels were $45 for 30. Makita claims 2 – 3 times the life of cheap abrasives. Here’s how the cost breaks down based on using 100 bonded abrasives:

  • Kseibi (100 wheels): $59.64
  • Makita (40 wheels): $60
  • Sypder Diamond Edge Universal Cut-Off Wheel (1 wheel): $7.49

Even though your initial cost is more per wheel, you save a ton of money over the life of the wheel. You even get some significant savings over other diamond wheels. Lenox MetalMax is one that we turn to often. It runs about $15 per wheel while these Spyder wheels are about $15 for a 2-pack ($7.50 each).

The Bottom Line

When you look at the cost per cut, Spyder has significant savings with their diamond wheel. It’s even half the cost of the diamond wheels we normally use. While it cuts slower than bonded abrasives, it’s more stable, doesn’t lose its diameter over its life, and produces less dust.

Buy it if you’re looking for extremely long life from your cut-off wheels or overall cost savings. Pass if cutting speed is your number 1 priority.

Spyder Diamond Edge Universal Cut-Off Wheel Specs

  • Model: Spyder 14001
  • Wheel Type: Cut-Off Wheel
  • Grit: Diamond Arbor
  • Diameter: 4-1/2″
  • Thickness: 0.045″
  • Arbor Diameter: 7/8″
  • For Use With: Concrete, Masonry, Aluminum, Tile, Stainless Steel, Ductile Pipe, Asphalt, Ferrous Metal
  • Max Rpm: 13,000
  • Warranty: 30-Day
  • Price: $14.98 (2-pack) at Lowe’s


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