Skilsaw MeduSaw Video Preview

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When Skilsaw sent us their new 7-inch concrete scoring and cutting saw, we had to discern its use. Clearly this isn’t a power cutter replacement, so what’s it for? After really looking over the features and taking a hard look at the Skilsaw MeduSaw up close, we can see how this might come in handy. Take a look at our Skilsaw MeduSaw video preview below to get an idea of how this tool might serve you on the jobsite.

The Skilsaw SPT79 worm drive concrete scoring and cutting saw should retail for around $399. It takes the place of a whole slew of tools and accessories and seems perfect for smaller jobs. This is particularly true in jobs where a power cutter might be overkill. Time will tell if this becomes a popular option with construction professionals and tradesmen.

If you have a thought on why you might or might now use a saw like this, please let us know in the comments below.

Skilsaw MeduSaw Video Preview

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