Bosch Eneracer Battery Technology

Bosch EneRacer battery technology

Bosch has introduced a new GBA 18V 6.3 Ah battery with Eneracer technology (in Germany). Eneracer is an all new (for Bosch) battery that delivers up to 90% more run time as well as improved life. The enhanced runtime is due to the use of larger 20mm x 70mm cells. Life expectancy is increased because the new Bosch Eneracer battery utilizes their CoolPack 2.0 cooling system that reduces heat in the packs. The charger should actually force air through the battery pack to cool the cells and allow for faster recharging. The new batteries are 100% backwards and forwards compatibility with all existing Bosch 18V tools.

This new packs are very similar to Metabo LiHD batteries, which also use the new larger 20700 lithium-ion cells. It’s these larger cells that allow them to draw more current (power) as well as maintain longer run-times. We expect more and more manufacturers will make the switch, or at least offer these packs a premium power solutions.

20700 cells vs 18650 li-ion cells

Tesla and Bosch Eneracer Battery Share Tech

Even Tesla is planning to move its electric cars to the new cell format in a relatively short period of time. In fact, the new $50 billion Tesla/Panasonic Gigafactory will be manufacturing these cells by the end of the year and will ramp up to full production in 2018. Elon Musk has said that “The exit rate of cells from Gigafactory will be faster than bullets from a machine gun.”

Obviously, these cells—the same as those used in the Bosch Eneracer battery—are going to be the new wave in lithium-ion cell technology.

The first 18V Bosch Eneracer battery pack to come out (in Germany) is a 6.3 Ah Li-ion model. The full name is the GBA 18 V 6.3 Ah Eneracer Professional.

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Expect these new battery packs to be a tiny bit larger than existing Bosch packs—even a bit heavier. The increased power output and run-time, however, will more than compensate. Here’s an exploded view of the pack:

Bosch Eneracer battery pack exploded

There have been some limitations on battery power that these new cells might just overcome. Even the new DeWalt FlexVolt technology uses existing 18650 cell technology, though it does so ingeniously. The Milwaukee High Demand 9.0Ah battery pack also uses the current cells. The advantage is size—smaller cells, smaller pack. But, when you want to power larger grinders and saws, any advantage you can get will be critical. Because of this, we are guessing that it’s only a matter of time before more manufacturers offer premium battery packs with similar cells.

When will the Bosch Eneracer hit US shores? We have no idea, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the most current updates and check us out on Twitter as well.

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thats why you need to build your one batteries….

Jim Premo

Hasn’t Ridgid gone to this size cell in it’s 5ah battery?
Bosh claims seem similar to Metabo’s, but 90% more runtime?


Way to go Bosch!!! For all you guys who think team RED & team YELLOW have the lastest battery technology, its all just marketing still using old tech and getting you fanboys to pay more….

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