Makita 12V Tools with Slide Pack Batteries

Makita 12V tools slide pack

We got to see and use the new Makita 12V tool lineup today at the Makita 100 Years of Innovation event. These four new Makita 12V drills and drivers use a slide pack and feature, among other things, a battery level gauge right on the battery. Now you no longer have to insert the battery into the tool to discovery the remaining battery charge level. The big news, though, is that this new Makita 12V tools lineup includes some really amazing products—from drills and drivers to…well, things we aren’t yet allowed to talk about—but the Makita 12V tools line is growing! These new products aren’t brushless, but they are extremely compact. The first four products—drills and drivers—are due out in November 2015. I’ll go through them one by one and tell you what we know.

Makita FD05 12V Compact Drill/Driver

This new Makita FD05 12V compact drill driver features a super lightweight frame, 18-position clutch (not including drill mode), two-speed gearbox (0-450 and 0-1700 RPM), and the new Makita 2.0Ah 12V slide pack (there’s an optional Makita 4.0Ah slide pack as well which will double your run-time). The 3/8″ chuck should be perfect for smaller jobs, and Makita is purposefully not trying to confuse this drill with its heavier duty compact 18V models.

Makita FD05 12V Compact Drill

Makita FD05 Specs

  • Speed: 0-450/1700
  • Battery: 12V 2.0Ah (included) or 4.0 Ah (optional)
  • Chuck: 3/8 in.
  • Clutch: 18-position plus drill mode (bypass)

Makita PH04 12V Compact Hammer Drill/Driver

This new Makita PH04 12V compact hammer drill is also lightweight and is one of the only other 12V hammer drills we’re aware of other save the Milwaukee 2411 M12 hammer drill and the Bosch PS130 (thanks, Glenn!). Similar to the FD05, the Makita PH04 has a compact frame, and opts for a 12-position clutch in addition to the hammer and drill modes. A two-speed gearbox (0-450 and 0-1700 RPM) and new Makita 2.0Ah 12V slide pack rounds out this hammer drill. The 3/8″ chuck will allow for bits common to suitable Tapcon and other MRO applications for which this tool is perfectly suited.

Makita PH04 12V Compact Hammer Drill

Makita PH04 Specs

  • Speed: 0-450/1700
  • Battery: 12V 2.0Ah (included) or 4.0 Ah (optional)
  • Chuck: 3/8 in.
  • Clutch: 12-position plus drill mode (bypass)
  • BPM: 0-6750/25500

Makita FD06 12V Compact 1/4″ Hex Driver

Makita FD06 12V hex driver

When I held the Makita FD06 12V compact 1/4″ hex driver I was reminded of how beautiful compact tools can be when you don’t need the power or runtime of a full 18V system. The FD06, like the PH04 and FD05, is extremely narrow, and an 18-position clutch ensures you’ll get the control you need for fastening. A two-speed gearbox gives you 0-450 and 0-1700 RPMs respectively, and the new Makita 2.0Ah 12V slide pack should allow for plenty of work to get done before having to swap out the battery. The 1/4″ hex chuck is perfect for MRO and HVAC technicians who need to quickly move between removing and replacing air handler access panel screws and securing a condensing unit to a concrete pad.

Makita FD06 12V hex driver held

Makita FD06 Specs

  • Speed: 0-450/1700
  • Battery: 12V 2.0Ah (included) or 4.0 Ah (optional)
  • Chuck: 1/4″ hex.
  • Clutch: 18-position plus drill mode (bypass)

Makita DT03 12V Impact Driver

Makita went for narrow with its new impact driver. The 12V DT03 has a super tiny girth which really makes it feel lightweight and nimble. It’s not quick as small front-to-back as some other impact drivers (including Makita 18V XDT09M impact driver which is approaching the clearance of a right angle drill), but I don’t mind the tradeoff. If you’re doing any sort of overhead or serial work, I could see this tool really saving a lot in terms of weight and fatigue. The Makita DT03 12V impact driver is a great addition to the lineup and rounds out this new set of tools perfectly.

Makita DT03 12V impact driver

Makita DT03 Specs

  • Speed: 0-2600 RPM
  • IPM: 0-3500
  • Chuck: 1/4 in. hex
  • Battery: 12V 2.0Ah (included) or 4.0 Ah (optional)

Makita 12V Batteries with LED Battery Level Meters

  • 18V x 3.0 Ah = 54 Wh
  • 10.8V x 4.0 Ah = 43.2 Wh (Makita rounds up to 44 Wh)

The new Makita tools will be packaged with new slide packs batteries that include a 3-LED battery level meter. This is a huge change for Makita, who previously didn’t include these. Makita 18V LED battery models are sure to follow. The new 12V slide packs come in two sizes: a BL1020B 2.0 Ah 22Wh “slim” pack and a BL1040B 4.0 Ah 44 Wh model. If you do the math, that 4.0 Ah 12V battery has nearly the juice of an 18V 3.0 Ah battery pack!

Makita 12V battery LED status

Look for these new Makita 12V tools in November (2015), and we’ll follow up with expected pricing (they should be priced very similar to Makita’s current 12V line-up, though those tools aren’t going away.) Makita likes the idea of having some 12V tools retain the vertical compactness of a post-handle style battery pack. For automotive and other similar applications, they intend to keep the Makita LCT307W 12V cordless combo kit and other tools around and not necessarily “replace” them with these new products.

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