Plumbers Tool Reviews
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David S

I’m rereading this story and realized that I never commented on it. As a retired automotive technician, this would have been a nice addition to my tool arsenal. I will probably still get one since I continue to work on my own vehicles, but I would have liked to have not been tied to an air hose whenever I needed an air ratchet.
Is the guy in the third picture trying to steal the coil pack on my Jeep? It sure looks like it! Quick, call the police.

Vance Place

I don’t believe it not on a 12 volt

Kevin Alexander

I have the non-fuel version, and although I’m a huge Milwaukee fan, it’s a little underwhelming unfortunately. Can’t wait to upgrade!

Don Harms

I went to get the Labor Day M12 combo sale at Home Depot, thought the ratchet was a good idea. On the list of optional tools. #homedepotfalseads
I checked three stores and all three store showed seven sets received but none of the staff could find any.

Chris Fyfe

Do antnn ,