Makita Orbital Polisher BO6050J 6-inch Review

Makita Polisher
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  • Pro Rating 8.5

This 6-inch Makita orbital polisher BO6050J will use less material when polishing and do the job quicker. Less material and less time means more money in your pocket.

Overall Score 8.5 (out of 10)

Many of the cars we see for detailing here at Michael’s Auto Detailing don’t need compound buffing or even a heavy polish. They may need a light polish or something we call a leveling wax. The best tool for the job for this light polishing and waxing is a random orbital polisher. For this automotive tool review, we’re trying out the new 6-inch Makita orbital polisher BO6050J.

In the past, we have used orbital polishers from a vast array of manufacturers, from very cheap to high-end specialty tools. No matter what the specs may say for many of these units, the most drastic differential is always how much power the orbital can put through to the pad. In other words, is the power that the motor delivers actually utilized through the orbital motion, to the pad and finally, onto the finish of the vehicle.

Makita BO6050J orbital mode

This orbital polisher is actually manufactured to play a dual purpose for sanding and polishing, hence the vacuum port for dust collection. In addition to the vacuum port, there is also a dual-mode switch to change the orbital motion to pure spinning motion. Using just the spinning mode opens the door for more aggressive polish and compounds as well. For the sake of this review, we will only be using the Makita orbital polisher BO6050J in the orbital motion, as a polisher.

Makita Orbital Polisher BO6050J 6-inch Features

The barrel grip on the BO6050J has been ergonomically-designed for increased comfort, as well as the included side handle. The orbital rotation diameter of 7/32” and 13,600 strokes per minute provides a swirl-free finish when polishing. Next, a slide-lock trigger switch powers the polisher on and off. Slide the switch forward for the lock-On position, then a quick press of the switch with a thumb or finger cuts the power quickly to the Makita orbital.

The BO6050J orbital uses quick-change 6-inch hook-and-loop pads, and even the backing pad changes quickly without tools. Most important, the variable speed dial can be easily set and changed by the operator, on the fly, if needed.

Makita orbital action polishing

The speed dial is numbered “1” to “5”, incrementally changing speeds from 1,600 to 6,800 OPM, depending upon the application.

Makita BO6050J polisher speed dial

Makita BO6050J Specifications

  • Model number: BO6050J
  • Pad Size (round): 6 in.
  • Abrasive Disc Size: 6 in.
  • Orbits Per Minute (variable speed):1,600 – 6,800 OPM
  • Orbit Diameter: 7/32 in.
  • AMPS: 6.6
  • Vibration (m/s²): 5
  • Dimensions: 13 in. x 6-1/8 in. x 5-3/4 in.
  • Net Weight: 5.7 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1-Year/30-Day
  • Includes: Tool, 6” Round Abrasive Disc (Hook & Loop, 120 Grit), 6” Round Backing Pad (Hook & Loop), Dust Extracting Attachment, Pad Protector, Side Handle, Interlocking Case (large)
  • Price: $329.00

Useful Thoughts

Let me start my comments with a small negative, I really prefer a loop or “D” style handle, rather than the supplied side handle, as you can see in the pictures. This is really just user preference, and with years of using equipment, we sometimes get stuck in our ways. This is nothing catastrophic, but it would be nice if Makita included this style handle in the kit as well. The handle pictured, I pulled from a Makita 7” polisher/buffer, and it fits perfectly well.

Makita orbital polisher BO6050J

The Makita orbital polisher BO6050J is very powerful, and I really like being able to dial in the power as needed. We typically use this polisher on “4”, but this may vary depending on the type and quality finish. Some interesting findings during our review showed that we used less material when using a more powerful orbital. The Makita is able to spread the polish/wax more proportionately, and less material is soaked into the pad. On less powerful orbitals, we have to reload the pad with product more often. This is a very noticeable difference. Saving money and time is key in any industry.

Final Words

With more power from the Makita orbital, we are able to work faster and use less product. In addition, with the fine orbital motion and high RPM, more power is delivered to the pad and finish than to the hands and arms of the operator. You get a more controllable tool to work around edges, lights, and mirrors, and complete the job with less fatigue. We found the BO6050J to be very useful and fast for quick-polishing stubborn headlights. This 6-inch Makita orbital polisher BO6050J will use less material when polishing and do the job quicker. Less material and less time means more money in your pocket.

I am glad to recommend the Makita orbital polisher BO6050J to anyone that is looking for a better way to polish and wax. To purchase the BO6050J, click here.

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