Cordless Power Tool Reviews
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I wish they’d make one variable speed. I mean via a dial to set max RPM, modulating that with a trigger alone would be too fiddly.

Bubba Jones

At Home Depot site the RIDGID angle grinder spins 8,500 RPM, RYOBI 10,000. RIDGID provides a lifetime warranty, RYOBI three years. Either warranty length is good for me.

Nigel Dyson-Hudson

I love the P421 because of the 3rd top handle position. I use mine with the King Arthur’s power carving discs. There are times, especially with power carving, when one wants to turn the grinder 90 degrees and then the top handle is straight. The lock-on switch on the P423 will allow me to better position my hands instead of having to hold the switch down. The P421 also has the pin wrench storage.