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DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter Review

DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter Featured Image
PTR Review
  • Ease of Use 8.5
  • Wireless Range 9.0
  • Sound Quality 8.0
  • Run Time 8.5
  • Value 8.0

The DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter is not the most feature rich product that you can buy, but it's only got one job to do... and it does it very well.

Overall Score 8.4 (out of 10)

When we did our Jobsite Radio Round Up a while back, we discovered that the Ridgid had the best sound quality of the group. I actually went with a more updated version of the Ridgid Jobsite Radio when it came out last year. It featured the same sound quality with a couple of design tweaks.  With features that allowed me to connect devices via auxiliary port and charge them with a USB port, it had everything that I needed. There was just a twinge of feeling like I settled for less than I wanted though. My desire for the best sound quality trumped the one feature it was lacking: Bluetooth connectivity. Then along came the Christmas Gift Guide and the DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter made for the perfect stocking stuffer for people in my shoes.

DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter Features

The beauty of the DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter is the simplicity of its function. It requires just an auxiliary port to pump music or talk from your device to your radio. It’s got an 8 hour integrated lithium-ion battery to power you through the majority of your workday non-stop. It charges via USB (an AC adapter for charging is also included). If your radio has a USB charging port close to the auxiliary port, then you have nearly unending connectivity.  That’s all there is to it!

Setting Up the DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter

DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter with Clip

The majority of the time, I have one of three devices paired with my Ridgid radio via DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter. Primarily, my computer is connected while I spend time typing up the latest and greatest reviews for you (I’ve got Needtobreathe’s latest album streaming on Spotify right now). I’ll also connect it to my Kindle Fire HDX tablet and of course, my phone.

Set up is really easy on any of the three devices. First, hold down the button on the adapter for 6 seconds until it starts quickly blinking blue and red. That puts it in discoverable mode. Then, simply check the available Blutooth connections on your device and press “connect”. Within a few seconds, the two should pair and you’re ready to go!

Of the devices that have been paired previously, all of them easily find the DeWalt Bluetooth adapter automatically as soon as I turn it on. They’re really good at it, so if you find that your device isn’t connecting, just check any others that you have to make sure that it didn’t connect first. If that happens, turn the Bluetooth on the device off and the adapter will immediately become searchable to other devices.

Great! What Else Do I Need to Know?

DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter Installed

The DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter is pretty easy to set up and use. I use it daily and rarely have an issue. When I do, it’s almost always that another device has connected to it before I get the one I want turned on. Because I keep it plugged in to my radio’s USB charger, I don’t have any runtime issues.

The adapter comes with a couple of adhesive strips and a clip so you can attach it to a specific location on your radio. This is best done on top where there is the best line of sight for connection. With a direct line of sight, you can get close to 100′ away before losing the connection.

If you receive a call while streaming music from your phone, the music will automatically pause. You’re still connected to the radio though. Unless you want your entire crew to hear what your wife is telling you about tonight’s plans, you’ll need to make sure that you turn off or disconnect the adapter.

For performance, the DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter works as advertised. There’s no major loss of sound quality compared to using the auxiliary port on its own. It’s not made for a professional sound system though, so don’t expect it to turn your radio into Dolby Digital Surround quality like you have in your home. It’s also not designed to be as tough as the radios you’re using it on, so treat it nicely around the jobsite and getting it wet.

The DeWalt Bluetooth Adapter runs about $40. It makes for a good alternative to replacing a quality jobsite radio if Bluetooth connectivity is a must have for you. I find the unit to be an excellent accessory to my radio and give it my full recommendation.

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There are cheaper alternatives like this:

It works well. what is also nice is that it has a mic built in so you can plug headphone into it and it works like any other bluetooth headset.

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