February 26, 2021

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Metabo HPT MultiVolt Table Saw – Cordless or Corded

Metabo HPT cordless table saw

The 10-inch Metabo HPT MultiVolt Table Saw (model C3610DRJQ4) has finally arrived. The new table saw runs on the company’s 36V MultiVolt battery platform. It can also, however, use the MultiVolt AC/DC corded adapter for corded operation. This tool marks one of the most anticipated uses of the new MultiVolt AC/DC adapter since its inception last year. The Metabo HPT cordless miter saw also makes good use of this adapter.

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Metabo HPT MultiVolt Table Saw Details

Other cordless table saws have come to market, including the 8-1/4 inch Milwaukee cordless table saw and the 8-1/4 inch DeWalt FlexVolt table saw. The Metabo HPT C3610DRJQ4 makes headway as the first cordless 10-inch table saw. Of course, since you can plug it in, it’s also the first 10-inch hybrid power table saw. This is big news from the company formerly known as Hitachi Power Tools.

Metabo HPT MultiVolt table saw

The Metabo cordless 10-inch table saw has a rip capacity of 35-inches to the right. It achieves this using a telescoping extension table. It has a large working table size of 28-3/4 x 22-inches with some additional outfeed support as well.

Metabo HPT MultiVolt table saw extension

The new hybrid corded/cordless table saw retails for $499. This pricing includes either the 36V MultiVolt battery and charger starter kit or the MultiVolt AC/DC corded adapter. You can typically find that adapter sold separately for around $149. Look for sales to get it at a lower price than that. Our gut would say to go with the battery and charger. If you absolutely need the AC adapter, you can pick that up separately.

Metabo HPT C3610DRJQ4 AC adapter

Metabo HPT has an online rebate available thru July 31, 2019. If you purchase a MultiVolt tool you can get either the AC Adapter or the 36V triple hammer impact driver (bare tool) for free. Visit www.metaboHPTfree.com for details (valid for US residents only).


This looks like a great option for those wanting a cordless full-sized job site table saw. When we get the Metabo HPT MultiVolt Table Saw in for review we plan to test it for power, speed, and accuracy. Because the AC adapter readily converts the saw into a corded model—it should have ample power. In theory, at least, that power should not be lost when switching to battery. Only run-time should factor into the equation. The saw certainly looks promising, and we can report more once we get our hands on it for testing. Now that the Metabo HPT cordless circular saw has been joined by a table saw, will a cordless track saw hit next?

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Had one shipped, arrived and it already has to be returned for a replacement. For the price point, I’m not sure it is really up to $700 quality. Table surface is very rough (120 to 150 grit sandpaper feel) with noticeable imperfections. Brackets under the table holding accessories were bent. Extension sheet metal was bowed. Saw is being replaced because the two aluminum sliding pieces for the rack and pinion front side were grinding on each other, near impossible to adjust with the fence correctly unlocked. The AC adapter is monstrous. I can’t believe the engineers couldn’t do better. Styrofoam… Read more »

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