Ryobi One+ Hybrid LED Cable Lights P785

Ryobi One+ Hybrid LED Cable Lights P785

Ryobi recently introduced the new Ryobi One+ Hybrid LED Cable Lights featuring hybrid technology that works either with a Ryobi 18V One+ battery or with an extension cord. The light has metal handles, cord management hooks for hanging, and produces up to 1,500 lumens using 3 light levels with its CREE LEDs.

Our Take

Ryobi has really carved out a niche for itself by manufacturing tools with lots of bang for the buck. Many Pros don’t often consider Ryobi for the job, but contributor Jeff Crisp relies on Ryobi tools quite often. Incidentally, Jeff recently reviewed and recommended another new addition to Ryobi’s 18V lighting line, the dual-powered P717 spotlight. Suffice it to say that Ryobi has strength in several areas, and lighting is one of them.

Ryobi One+ Hybrid LED Cable Lights P785

We love the dual power option that the company has designed into the Ryobi P785. Much like Ryobi’s hybrid fan, this light system accepts either a One+ 18V battery or an extension cord, making powering up twice as easy. Most other companies don’t design such an extension cord option – probably to tout the strength of their battery systems. Still, the dual option is advantageous and Ryobi tools are typically less expensive than their competitors, too.

Ryobi’s website includes some helpful photos of the P785 in action – showing how it would distinguish its function from its 20-watt LED Work Light (also dual-powered) at 1,700 lumens and its Workbench LED Light at 950 lumens. Attached temporarily to a bucket on a jobsite, the tent of an outdoor event, or perhaps more permanently in a workshop, the three lights in the Ryobi P785 system provide an impressive 1,500 total lumens of multi-/omni-directional light with convenient hanging hooks.

If you’re already on the One+ platform, this will be an excellent jobsite lighting option for you to consider. If you’re not, you might be surprised by the affordability of the platform generally and the versatility of the lighting options like the Ryobi One+ Hybrid LED Cable Lights specifically.

Ryobi One+ Hybrid LED Cable Lights P785Ryobi One+ Hybrid LED Cable Lights Features

  • Hybrid technology: works with any Ryobi 18V One+ battery or electric power with an extension cord
  • Heavy duty metal handles allow for 8 different hanging options
  • Three light heads separated by 10 feet of cord each
  • Over 1,500 lumens of light output using CREE LEDs in “high mode”
  • High (3 hours), Medium (6.5 hours), Low (15 hours) modes
  • Variety of mounting options for power base

Ryobi One+ Hybrid LED Cable Lights Specifications

  • Item number: P785
  • Hybrid: 18V One+ battery or 120V AC
  • Tool Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Lumens: over 1,500
  • Runtime: 15 hours
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price: $79 at The Home Depot

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