Ridgid FC Cutters Tool Reviews by Tool

Ridgid FC-Cutters for ABS and Foam Core PVC Pipes

Ridgid just released a couple new hand tools for those looking for an easier way to cutt different sizes of ABS and foam core PVC pipes from 1-½” to 2” in diameter. The Ridgid FC-Cutters (foam core cutters) are simple to use and actually pretty unique on the market.


Ridgid FC-Cutters Features

Both tools feature a long handle to give you decent leverage and easy rotation around your work piece. The cutters simply snap on to the pipe and then you rotate them once to get a precise cut. Unlike a saw, they don’t leave burrs, which is pretty significant if you have a lot of cutting to do on these types of pipes. Since you don’t have to clean the pipe before making a connection, you get to work a lot faster. To make sure you aren’t slowed in the middle of a job, each cutter even comes with an extra blade and replacement blades are fairly inexpensive.

There are other ABS and PVC pipe and tubing cutters that Ridgid offers (including scissor- and ratcheting-style), but the FC-cutters offer yet another way to get the job done quickly and efficiently—and we’re a big fan of having options. For larger jobs on black pipe there’s always the Ridgid 238-P Powered Soil Pipe Cutters.

Parts & Options

41703FC-150Foam Core Cutter1 1/2″.225
40938FC-200Foam Core Cutter2″.364
41768Replacement Blades – Pack of 4All Models.011


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