RYOBI WS730 7-inch Tile Saw Tool Reviews by Tool

RYOBI WS730 7-inch Tile Saw

We got a peek at Ryobi’s newest tool – a 7-inch tile saw that’s priced where most homeowners will be finding new reasons to re-tile their bathrooms. Perfect for tiling projects in and around the house, the Ryobi WS730 tile saw includes a 7-inch diamond cutting wheel, wheel wrench, hex key, rip guide, bevel block, end of cut reminder, splash guard and operator’s manual. Ryobi has a motto: “Pro Features, Affordable Prices”. Since this is the first overhead motor tile saw to be offered at under $200 they’ve certainly seem to be delivering.


RYOBI WS730 Features

The tile saw is loaded with easy to use features like a “Pumpless Flow System” that delivers clean water to the blade to insure fast clean cuts.  The design of the table makes pushing the tiles through the saw a relatively easy process and the system does a decent job of using the water in a way that is productive and not wasteful. A pump is optional (and the saw has a switched outlet ready to accept one), but it’s certainly designed to work without one. Ryobi’s tile saw also helps eliminate tile waste with added corner supports and an “end-of-cut” feature that slows down the table at the end of a cut.

There is a rip guide that is fully adjustable for perfect straight and miter cuts. We saw some demos where the saw showed it could cut miters in either direction.


  • Motor: 120V, 60Hz, 9 Amps, high torque 1-3/4 HP
  • Speed: 5800 RPM (no load speed)
  • Blade: arbor: 5/8 inch, diameter: 7 inch
  • Cutting Capacities: 16 inch Rip, 12 inch Diagonal, 2-1/4 inch Depth
  • Removable bevel block supports tile for fast, clean and consistent 45° edges
  • Corner support prevents breakage on diagonal cuts
  • Wrap around measurement marks for accuracy and added tile support
  • Pumpless Flow System keeps clean, fresh water on blade for trouble-free cutting
  • Easy on and off dual flow adjustment valves allow for customized optimal water flow
  • Unique drain system captures cut-off pieces and allows drainage to remote locations
  • Clean Wave Wall™ blocks sediment from entering optional pump when in use, extending pump life


The Ryobi 7-inch tile saw comes with a 2 year warranty. While the MSRP is $199, it’s advertised on the Ryobi website for just $149.

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