Klein Journeyman Gloves Now Available

Klein Journeyman Gloves

Klein Journeyman Gloves Address PPE Needs

Klein Journeyman gloves are now on the market as the leader in hand tools expands their PPE lineup. Okay, before you start throwing things at me, I’m not a huge fan of the PPE discussion, either. There’s a reason for that though. Personal protection equipment is often burdensome and uncomfortable, leaving many of us to take the risk of forgoing it. Not only is it a dangerous line of thought, it can also cost you when OSHA comes to call. Klein Tools certainly seems to understand this and is looking for ways to create PPE that is more comfortable to wear and use on the job.

“Although hand protection is sometimes considered hindering, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states ‘25.3 percent of all work-related lost-day injuries are hand-related’,” states Greg Palese, vice-president of marketing at Klein Tools. “By wearing premium-quality gloves, professionals can reduce the daily impact that hands take on the job and increase work productivity.”

Over 25% of lost day injuries are hand related? There’s a stat I didn’t know and one that makes these gloves worth considering!

There are six models in the Klein Journeyman Glove family and, mercifully, all are machine washable.

Journeyman Extreme (Models 40217/40218/40219)

The Journeyman Extreme Gloves feature a flexible, impact absorbing thermo plastic rubber (TPR) and EVA foam protects fingers, knuckles, and the back of your hand. PORON padding protects the palm of your hand, reducing the effect of vibration and impact. Over the top of the glove, you’ll find a breathable, two-way stretch material filled with sponge foam and a tricot lining. The palm and thumb are reinforced with a synthetic leather. Finally, the fingertips are rubberized to improve grip and the wrist closure includes a hook and loop to secure the fit.

Klein Journeyman Gloves

Journeyman Utility (Models 40205/40206/40207)

Also incorporating the sponge foam and tricot lining on top, the Journeyman Utility Gloves feature a Trek Dry material that wicks sweat away from the skin. The palm and finger panels are reinforced with synthetic leather. The glove goes on easily with the elastic cuff.

Klein Journeyman Gloves

Journeyman Camouflage (Models 40208/40209/40210)

Here at Pro Tool Reviews, there’s a general sense of “I’d rather be hunting” among some us. That makes the Journeyman Camouflage Gloves the most popular among the staff. Klein has the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity pattern on them and they feature Trek Dry moisture wicking, breathable material. Like the others, they also feature sponge foam and tricot linings on top along with the reinforced palm and finger panels. The palm is made from a single layer synthetic leather. The wrist closure feature a soft rubber hook and loop.

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Journeyman Cold Weather Pro (Models 40211/40212/40213)

To protect against the cold, the Cold Weather Pro Gloves feature Thinsulate C40 lining on the palm and fingers. The back of the glove benefits from a Thinsulate C100 lining over the water resistant nylon material. The palm is rubberized helping the water resistant qualities. EVA foam padding is found in the palm and knuckle areas. The thumb and cuff feature neoprene and these also have the rubber hook and loop closure.

Klein Journeyman Gloves

Journeyman Grip (Models 40214/40215/40216)

Another glove featuring Trek Dry moisture wicking, the Grip Gloves also benefit from Armortex rubberized grip on the fingers and synthetic leather palms and thumb for excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions. The palm also has the impact absorbing PORON layer. TPR protects the back of your hand and fingers. The wrist closure is secured with the rubber hook and loop.

Klein Journeyman Gloves

Journeyman Leather (Models 40220/40221/40222)

The last member of the Klein Journeyman Glove family is the Leather Glove. These are made from a genuine leather. TPR protects the back of your hand and fingers. The palm is reinforced with an EVA layer. The top features moisture wicking Trek Dry with a sponge foam and tricot lined layer. The neoprene wrist closure is secured with the rubber hook and loop.

Klein Journeyman Gloves

Look for the Klein Journeyman Gloves everywhere that Klein Tools are sold. For more information, visit Klein’s website.

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