Wolverine Workwear for Contractors and Tradesmen

wolverine Alto Ripstop Long Sleeve Shirt

How you look on a jobsite reflects (to your clients, at least) how well you will manage a project or carry it through to completion. There’s something about a well-dressed tradesman or supervisor that sends the message: “This is a person who cares about his or her own appearance.” The perception is that they’ll care about the appearance and care of your jobsite as well. Conversely, someone who’s not well put-together can give off the impression that he might not care as much about how your project looks in the end either. Details are important. We’ve long used Wolverine boots for heavy-duty jobsite use, but lately we’ve noted that Wolverine workwear provides a great professional look for contractors and tradesmen. With that in mind, I decided to order some clothes and see if this might be a great new source for every day workwear.

I ordered the following clothes Wolverine workwear directly from the company:

  • Men’s Renegade Short Sleeve Henley (Dusty Red)
  • Men’s Walden Long Sleeve Henley (Navy)
  • Men’s Alto Ripstop Long Sleeve Shirt (Olive)
  • Men’s FireZer0 Twill Long Sleeve Shirt (Khaki)
  • Men’s Hammer Loop Pant (Khaki)
  • Men’s Dayton Lace-Up Composite-Toe EH Work Shoe

…and just to keep from being completely one-sided with respect to gender, I also picked up a Women’s Black Ledge FX Low Hiking Shoe (Wild Dove/Pink).

Men’s Renegade Short Sleeve Henley (Dusty Red)

The Wolverine Men’s Renegade Short Sleeve Henley is a 100% cotton jersey that includes a single pocket and three plastic buttons down the front. I love the feel of this shirt. It not only has the comfort of cotton, it does a remarkable job of wicking moisture throughout the day. When these clothes came in, it began to turn a bit more decidedly towards the warmer season here in Florida, and so while I don’t mind wearing long pants on the job, the shirts need to handle the hot days pretty well, or that professional appearance I’m going for will get lost in a mess of visible perspiration—if you catch my drift.

wolverine Renegade Short Sleeve Henley

The neckline on this shirt gives it a great look that has a “business casual” air about it. Worn with pants (I chose the Men’s Hammer Loop in Khaki) it gives you a great outfit for the hotter Spring days when you need to go out in the field and inspect a jobsite, or otherwise work in the quickly-warming climate. (My apologies to other parts of the country which may still be experiencing colder weather!) It’s also available in Gravel, Marine, Navy, and Olive, so you have a lot of color options. These shirts only run about $17 and are also easily embroidered, so you’re company logo will look great on the right side opposite the pocket. As far as Wolverine workwear goes, this affordable shirt should be a staple.

Men’s Walden Long Sleeve Henley (Navy)

The Men’s Walden Long Sleeve Henley shirt is almost a sweater in its consistency and comfort, but with the look of a thermal. It’s super soft, likely due to the 60% cotton, 40% polyester waffle knit construction. It’s one of the most comfortable shirts I’ve ever owned, and at just $30, this Wolverine long sleeve shirt is absolutely perfect for colder weather (with layers), or when you may be working indoors during the winter months in a facility lacking heat. The three button neck gives you a nice look, much like the Short Sleeve Henley, and the shirt is available in 9 colors (Ash, Bison, Charcoal, Hickory, Mustard, Navy, Olive, Oxblood, and Russet). This shirt is also easily embroidered with a custom logo.

wolverine Walden Long Sleeve Henley

Men’s Alto Ripstop Long Sleeve Shirt (Olive)

The $40 Men’s Alto Ripstop long sleeve shirt is made with 100% cotton, but in a “ripstop” design that has a durable cross-hatch pattern which lends itself to a very professional look—all while providing a durability beyond a typical cotton weave. To top it off, the shirt is concrete washed, with a button-down collar, left chest pocket, and metal logo buttons. The pocket has a nice button-through closure and a pencil opening for making sure your marking tool is right where you left it. This shirt provides a very polished, professional look, and the Olive looks great (It’s also available in Bison brown).

wolverine Alto Ripstop Shirt

Men’s Hammer Loop Pant (Khaki)

The Men’s Hammer Loop Pant is a smart-looking pant that’s perfect for the contractor or tradesman who needs a comfortable, but dressy solution with some design conveniences that don’t take over the entire look of the pants. They’re also extremely affordable at just $33/pair—I may redo my whole wardrobe! I was particularly fond of the oversized side thigh pockets that were perfect for my iPhone 5S. The secondary pocket was great for holding a tape, and the back pockets are really deep, so your wallet stays nice and secure. These pants are made from 100% cotton canvas with triple needle stitching for reinforcement. The hammer loop on the left side is positioned below the back pocket and uses an oversized, but tightly-stitched loop for hanging a hammer. These pants really wear well. They’re attractive, durable, and they have a classic fit that doesn’t either hang too loose or end up looking like skinny jeans. If Khaki isn’t your thing, you can also find these pants in Field Green, Gravel, and Hickory. You don’t want to wear these pants for doing jobs that involve grease or mortar, as they offer more of a dressy look than a rugged design—at least that was my preference. Still, the low price and durable construction may cause you to think otherwise.

wolverine Hammer Loop Pant khaki

Men’s Dayton Lace-Up Composite-Toe EH Work Shoe

Wolverine Vibram soleFinally, I rounded out my wardrobe with a Men’s Dayton Lace-Up Composite-Toe EH work shoe. I love these shoes. For $120 they serve as a great compromise when you want a high-quality, lighter weight shoe that isn’t as bulky as a work boot or Wellington boot. These shoes have a nice brown and black leather and mesh upper with a molded EVA footbed and compression molded EVA midsole (an impact-resistant polymer that is supportive yet flexible). A Vibram rubber outsole provides not only a unique design, but also a fierce grip on any surface—wet, oily, or otherwise. The composite toe is rated ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH meaning it has electrical hazard protection that keeps you safe in the event of walking somewhere that accidentally becomes electrified. The coloring on these boots is really sharp as well, and they go with just about anything. The red accents, while nice, don’t stand out too much, and the shoe has a nice professional feel to it.

Dayton Lace-Up Composite-Toe shoes

Women’s Black Ledge FX Low Hiking Shoe (Wild Dove/Pink)

I wanted to also get something in that could be worn by women, and I had access to a pair of feet that happened to be attached to one! The Women’s Black Ledge FX Low Hiking Shoe (Wild Dove/Pink) was a great choice, and it’s a nice pair of composite toe shoes that look great for casual or business casual use. These affordable ($55) shoes feature a full-grain leather and fabric upper with a moisture managing mesh lining that keeps your feet from perspiring. A compression molded EVA footbed and midsole with rubber outsole makes these as comfortable to walk on as they are durable. They flex nicely when walking, and we found them to be very good for women who will be on their feet for a good portion of the day. Since they lack a composite toe, these shoes are nice and light—contributing to their comfort.

Wolverine Black Ledge FX shoes


Not pictured is Wolverine’s new Men’s FireZer0 Twill Long Sleeve Shirt (our sample was in Khaki). These shirts give you some protection from flame in that they are made from flame resistant twill (90% pima cotton, 10% high tenacity 200 gsm nylon). The stitching is made with 5.8 oz Aramid high tenacity flame resistant thread. The shirt is very nice, with a button-down collar and buttons that are also flame-resistant. Finally, two buttoned chest pockets with flaps are present to help you store a small notebook or even your smart phone.

If you thought Wolverine only made boots, then hopefully, like me, your eyes have been opened. Their entire clothing line presents a more-than-suitable selection for most small to medium sized businesses looking to purchase clothes that will look sharp and keep up professional image while remaining comfortable on the job. These are what I like to call “manager” or “trim carpenter clothes”. You’re probably not going to want to get under a house wearing theses—they’re far too nice-looking. But if you are on the jobsite, or you can brush off a little sawdust, then Wolverine may just be your new favorite brand.

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