June 16, 2021

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Milwaukee Bucket Wrap and Parachute Bag Organizers

Milwaukee Bucket Wrap Organizer 2

Milwaukee Bucket Wrap Organizer

Milwaukee is expanding with the new M18 Fuel…. wait, no, that’s not right at all. While it seems like it’s been a while since Milwaukee has announced any new power tools (aside from the exciting M18 Fuel Finish Nailers), fear not. The annual Milwaukee New Product Symposium is just around the corner in June and they’ll have a ton of new products to show us as always. In the meantime, we get to see the latest from their hand tools and, in this case, storage.

The Milwaukee Bucket Wrap Organizer is exactly what it sounds like – it’s flexible tool storage that wraps around a 5-gallon bucket. While there are many options that fit inside the bucket, Milwaukee fits securely outside. For those that want to leave the inside of the bucket for toss-in items and utilize a lid, this is a great solution. As a bonus, it keeps your tools’ weight distributed better than if they were shifting around in the bucket.

A pair of zipper pockets keep larger or more sensitive items secure. 30 additional pockets of various sizes fit a wide variety of tools and accessories. A comfort carry handle is included to make the metal handle easier to carry. The entire bag is made from 1680D ballistic material to stand up to tough conditions. The Milwaukee Bucket Wrap Organizer will be available in April 2016 and should retail for $24.99.

Milwaukee Parachute Bag Organizer

Milwaukee Parachute Bag Organizer

The Milwaukee Parachute Bag addresses several issues that they found with traditional models. The tendency to fall over or be difficult to access your materials has been dealt with by a freestanding, open design. You’ll be able to easily see your fasteners (or other materials) and grab what you need without digging around.

Every try to stack parachute bags? Yeah, that doesn’t usually work out so well. The freestanding design also offers the rigidity to stack containers on top of each other. With a strap designed intentionally long, you can fit an extra Parachute Bag on top of another when you’re carrying it or climbing.

Milwaukee designed their Parachute Bag to be water resistant – at least on the base. With an open design, you’re not going to be using it out in the rain, but water often convenes in inconvenient locations. The reinforced base ensures that damp grass, dirt, or floor doesn’t ruin the bottom layer of your bag and materials.

Look for the Milwaukee Parachute Bag in April. They are slated to run $19.99 each.

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