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Veto Pro Pac Tech OT-MC Tool Bag Video Review

Veto Pro Pac is known for their tougher-than-nails tool bag design that boasts as much function as you can hope for as a tradesman. But what does the Veto Pro Pac Tech OT-MC Tool Bag have to offer?

It’s up to par when it comes to Veto’s reputation with a waterproof base, tough overmolded handle, stainless steel tape clip, and durable exterior material. A 28-pocket variety pack is all around bag like you expect. But where Veto takes a turn for the better is with an insert box. This plastic box fits in multiple locations around the center and has a lid. It’s a great place to store loose objects like screws or to stash personal items like keys.


When it comes to size, this is a smaller bag – perfect for a grab-and-go electrician’s kit. It’s 11.5 inches tall, 10 inches long, and 8 inches wide. If you’re keeping track of all the stats, the Veto Pro Pac Tech OT-MC Tool Bag is 18 inches tall with the handle up.

Like all of the Veto’s bags, the Tech OT-MC comes with a 5-year warranty. So kick back and relax with a cold beverage while we take you on a tour of the Tech OT-MC.

Veto Pro Pac Tech OT-MC Tool Bag Key Features

• 28 interior & exterior pockets
• Outside mounted stainless steel tape clip
• Interior injection molded plastic box with smaller repositionable “insert” box with lid
• Waterproof 3mm polypropylene base
• Extra wide padded shoulder strap
• Over-molded ergonomic grip
• 5 year limited warranty




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Years ago I bought a veto and the sticking failed out of warranty. You could see where it had been glued at the factory – My guess it failed a quality inspection and was “fixed” and sent out. Contacted Veto and they were not helpful out of warranty even though the bag was in mint condition and not really used. My reaction, fixed it locally, sold it and all my other veto bags. No thanks for that price.

L. B.

I resent the comment that if you take pride in your tools that this is the bag for you. I guess if your one of those “special” workers who go to your jobs in a formal tuxedo than made be this bag is for you. Just remember don’t wear white after Labor Day when going to your jobs with your $200 dollar bag. I will continue to carry my tools in my $30.00 tool bag and pick my teeth with my flat head screwdriver from Sears