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DeWalt Power Detect Technology Jumps In with 4 New Tools

DeWalt Power Detect Angle Grinder

DeWalt Power Detect Technology Marks the Brand’s Entry in Advanced 20V Max Tools

DeWalt Power Detect technology adds electronic sensors that detect what battery you’re using and adjusts the power accordingly. The tools are compatible with all of today’s 20V Max and FlexVolt batteries as normal and get a power boost when you pair them DeWalt’s advanced 8.0Ah or FlexVolt battery packs.

10-Second Summary

  • Tools detect the battery you’re using and boost power with advanced packs
  • Upgraded brushless motors and componentry
  • Initial launch includes a circular saw, reciprocating saw, angle grinder, and hammer drill

DeWalt Power Detect Technology

DeWalt’s move into the advanced tool segment puts them on a similar footing as Bosch’s Core18V, Milwaukee’s High Output, and Ridgid’s Octane tool systems. They take advantage of the higher power potential in 21700 lithium-ion cells and design improved electronics packages to put much higher power into 18V/20V Max tools.

In fact, many of those tools replace the need for a separate 36V system, making the more popular 18V/20V Max lines even more versatile.

DeWalt Power Detect tools get there with upgraded brushless motors and components that allow for the flow of more current and the electronics to sense and control it.

What Happens if I Use Other DeWalt 20V Max Batteries?

You get the power advantage when you use DeWalt’s 8.0Ah battery, but you can also use other 20V Max packs. When you go that route, you’re going to get performance closer to the current XR brushless tools.

If you have FlexVolt batteries on hand, you can use them for the power boost as well. Considering the 8.0Ah battery is the same size and weight as DeWalt’s 20V Max 6.0Ah pack, we figure most people will go with it over the bulkier FlexVolt packs.

Incidentally, the kit options for the Power Detect tools all come with 8.0Ah batteries.

DeWalt Power Detect Tools Set for Launch

DeWalt DCS574 Circular Saw – $279 kit

DeWalt Power Detect Circular Saw

The DeWalt Power Detect Circular Saw boasts a 54% power boost compared to the DCS570. That’s one of our favorite circular saws from DeWalt thanks to its balance of size, performance, and price. Boosting the power level to 1300+ unit watts out at 5500 RPM is very appealing.

DeWalt DCS368 Reciprocating Saw – $279 kit

DeWalt Power Detect Reciprocating Saw

Go with an 8.0Ah battery to bump the power of the DeWalt Power Detect Reciprocating Saw by 44% to 1300+ unit watts out over the same saw with a 5.0Ah pack.

Unfortunately, it looks like they’re still passing on orbital action and a more advanced vibration control system.

DeWalt DCG415 Angle Grinder – $279 kit

DeWalt Power Detect Angle Grinder

The DeWalt Power Detect Angle Grinder is a 5-inch model that pushes 1350 unit watts out — a 40% jump over the DCG413. It spins up to 9000 RPM and keeps safety in check with a kickback brake and E-clutch.

DeWalt DCD998 Hammer Drill – $279 kit

DeWalt Power Detect Hammer Drill

You get an extra 29% power with the DeWalt Power Detect Hammer Drill compared to the DCD996, moving to 1050 units watts out. Its 3-speed gearbox sets you up for drilling at 450, 1300, or 2000 RPM.

The hammer drill is also available in a combo kit with a brushless impact driver for $399 (DCD299D1W1).

DeWalt 20V Max 8.0Ah Battery – $179 each

Shop DeWalt on Amazon Shop DeWalt at Acme Tools

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Big Richard

Assuming this is the new norm for XR tools, I think it is time for an XR miter saw. The DCS361 was a great 7 1/4″ with its brushed motor, but this tech should make a 10″ possible? Lighter, smaller, and less expensive than the 12″ 2x60v Flexvolt, but more capable than the aforementioned 20v. Win win.

On a related note, there are rumors that Euro spec 10″ 60v Flexvolt DCS727 could be coming stateside. I’d be happy with either option.

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