Fluke 417D Laser Distance Meter

Fluke 417D Laser Distance Meter Blends Accuracy, Size, and Simplicity

We know Fluke primarily for its test and measurement products. So it’s not terribly surprising that we’re seeing another laser distance meter coming down the pipe from the brand. Perhaps what’s a bit more surprising about the Fluke 417D laser distance meter is its size.

Fluke does a good job of keeping things compact, yet this palm-sized meter is still the most compact laser distance meter the company has released so far. After seeing its performance specs, its size might actually wind up being the least impressive thing about it.

10-Second Summary

  • Fits easily into a pocket or a tool bag
  • Super-simple 3-button design
  • Delivers continuous measurements and calculates area
  • Measures distances up to 131 feet
  • Accuracy of ±2mm (~1/16″)
  • IP54 rating
  • Drop-resistant up to 1 meter
  • Price: $109.99

What Fluke Has to Say

“Our customers who have seen the 417D Laser Distance Meter, love it. It has the necessary features to get the job done right, the first time. When your tool belt is already loaded with essential tools, the 417D takes up minimal space and can easily fit into your pocket.”

-Tracy Montanez, Fluke product manager

Compact and Precise

Fluke 417D Laser Distance MeasureObviously, the size is one of the major talking points surrounding the Fluke 417D. Though it’s only pocket-sized (4.68″ x 1.49″ x 1.09″), it still features a two-line illuminated LCD screen for easier viewing of your measurements.

But all of that wouldn’t mean a hill of beans if it was difficult to use. Thankfully, the new Fluke laser distance meter is pretty much just a screen and 3 buttons. Basically, all you need to remember to do is point and shoot.

Like most LDMs, it has a bright laser to track your target and can deliver continuous measurements. The middle button guides you through quick calculations for finding the area of a space.

It runs on 2 AAA batteries with an auto shut-off to help them last up to 3,000 measurements.

This Fluke laser distance meter has also been designed to survive your typical jobsite environment. It carries an IP54 rating to protect against water and dust intrusion. It also has some impact protection to survive falls up to 1 meter.

Finally, the Fluke 417D really impresses us with its precision. It has an accuracy of ±2mm (roughly 1/16″) at 10 meters (33 feet). This is about as accurate a laser distance meter as you’re likely to find.


$109.99 isn’t as budget-friendly as other LDMs in the same distance range. However, we need to consider the 1/16″ accuracy level as well. Many of the cheaper models are at 1/8″ or even 1/4″ accuracy, so the 417D is a big step up when you move from estimates to actual construction and installation.


Final Thoughts

The Fluke 417D laser distance meter is small, precise, and tough enough to take a little bit of a beating. Basically, it’s everything you want from an LDM that you use on the job.

It’s definitely an LDM for Pros that want the highest accuracy and its range makes it a good fit for most residential and some commercial construction applications.

For more information about the Fluke Laser Distance Meter, visit Fluke.com.

Fluke 417D Laser Distance Meter Specifications

  • Model: Fluke 417D
  • Power Source: 2 x AAA
  • Runtime: Up to 3,000 measurements
  • Auto-Off: 90 seconds (laser), 180 seconds (power)
  • Distance Range: 131′
  • Accuracy: 2 mm per 10 m (~1/16″ per 33′)
  • Laser Class: II
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Drop Test: 3.3′
  • Weight: 3.35 oz
  • Dimensions: 4.68″ x 1349″ x 1.02″
  • Warranty:
  • Price: $109.99
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