Tytan Coat and Seal Duct Sealant

Tytan Coat and Seal Duct Sealant

Tytan Coat and Seal Duct Sealant Designed for Use in Wet Conditions

The chemical geniuses at Selena USA have come up with another innovative product – Tytan Coat and Seal Duct Sealant. What really sets this hybrid sealant apart from others is the seemingly opposite curing traits. Most water-based duct sealants cure through moisture evaporation – as water evaporates from the mix, the sealant cures. Moisture leaving the mix means you get the shrinkage we’re all used to seeing. Since these sealants rely on moisture evaporation, it also means that any environmental moisture slows or prevents curing.

Tytan Coat and Seal Duct Sealant works exactly the opposite by drawing in moisture from the surrounding air to cure. This property means that there is no shrinking or cracking. It also remains permanently flexible to handle transportation, installation, settling, and vibration. The chemical technology is so impressive that it means you can now apply sealant in wet conditions, standing water, or even under water.

Selena’s new duct sealant is also sprayer compatible without the need for a dedicated compressor. An applicator is available for creating a drip-free bead or you can brush it on like paint. It is UV resistant, can be painted on, and has mildew-resistant properties.

“The superior seal and yield properties of TYTAN Coat & Seal Duct Sealant mean a contractor can apply 15 mils wet and achieve a good seal. The competition recommends up to 40 mils for wet applications. Many installers would apply even more to increase their confidence that it won’t shrink and crack and open up a penetration point. With our new product you save time when applying and need less material per job.”

– Ryan Knox TYTAN Marketing Manager

Three sizes will be available depending on your needs. A 600 ml sausage retails for $16, a 1 kg pail has a $25 price tag, or you can go with a 5 kg pail for $90.

Check out the video to see for yourself how impressive this really is!

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