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UPLIFT Desk Sit-Stand Desk Review: Take a Stand at Work

Uplift Sit-Stand Desk

Our job calls for a fair amount of deskwork. Testing each tool is only part of the job, writing and editing is the other side. So a sturdy, spacious, organized, and versatile workspace goes a considerable way toward helping us get things done. That’s why we were jazzed to learn that we had the UPLIFT Desk Sit-Stand Desk headed to the PTR offices.

Feature Set

Sit-Stand Functionality

We’ve benefitted from sit-stand desks in our offices for a while now. According to the claims of every sit-stand desk manufacturer, standing up while you work from time to time will increase your circulation, keep you focused, and improve your productivity.

We’re not doctors, so we can’t confirm that any of those claims are actually true. But we can say from experience that it’s often helpful to alternate between sitting and standing if only to avoid a numb butt.

Uplift Sit-Stand Desk

This desk has a range that ought to accommodate all heights as well. At its lowest point, it sits at a mere 24″ tall. It can extend upward to a max height of almost 51″. It starts and stops softly, avoiding any jerkiness. It also moves quietly, especially considering that it’s running on two motors.


The UPLIFT Desk Sit-Stand Desk uses genuine rubberwood for its 13/16″ thick work surface. This wood comes from Southeast Asia, where its sap gets harvested for latex. After thirty years, the wood gets retired, and UPLIFT Desk uses this wood to craft their desktops. This lumber is durable and shouldn’t ever break or warp on you. They also have a couple of stain options for you to choose from: either a natural, dark brown or a light brown finish.

We went with the lighter finish and found ourselves impressed by its clean lines and quality craftsmanship. UPLIFT Desk has constructed the top from multiple pieces, but it looks well-ordered and glued up professionally.

Uplift Sit-Stand Desk

Three-Stage Desk Frame

UPLIFT Desk Sit-Stand Desks boast a three-stage desk frame, which the company swears is better than the tired, old two-stage standing desk designs of their competitors. This design gives their standing desk more stability, greater and quicker adjustability, and a quiet range of motion. The three spindles, dual motors, a stability brace, and an inverted leg orientation (the legs get thicker toward the desktop, allowing for the stability brace), make for a rock-solid design that you can adjust 33% faster than a two-stage desk frame.


Powered Grommets

One of the problems with some standing desks is that, when you raise your desk to a standing position, you wind up pulling all your power cords up with it. This can cause a wire mess, not to mention that it can present an ever-evolving trip hazard at the office.

This desk avoids this potential calamity by including powered grommets as an option. These built-in outlets allow you to plug your electronics directly into the desktop, keeping them from dangling over the sides of the desktop. We opted for one powered grommet and one regular grommet.

Digital Memory Keypad

Another option that UPLIFT Desk has made available is an advanced digital memory keypad. Rather than just simple up/down controls, this option allows you to store up to 4 desk height settings. Plus, the keypad displays your current desktop height on its digital readout.

This is a super easy feature to use. When you find a height that works for you, simply press the “M” key and then the number you’d like to assign it to.

Other Uplift Options

  • Sliding Keyboard Tray
  • Floor Mat
  • Wire Management System
  • Modesty Panels
  • Motion Board
  • Desk Drawer
  • Various Promotional Items

Other UPLIFT Desk Sit-Stand Desk Features

  • Sustainably sourced lumber is harvested from the recycled wood of Pará rubber trees
  • Weight capacity of 355 pounds
  • Hall effect sensor in the frame detects resistance and reverses desk direction for safety
  • Width-adjustable telescoping crossbar is positioned directly underneath the desktop for more legroom and space for accessories
  • Local and globally sourced parts are assembled and shipped from our warehouse in Austin, Texas
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable section requirements in accordance with ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2008 Desk Product Test Standards

Price & Value

UPLIFT Desk’s Sit-Stand Desk retails for $495 right now for the base model. Of course, the brand has scads of options and accessories available. Like I mentioned earlier, we received our desk with the powered grommets and the digital memory keypad. However, you can order the desk with other options like caster wheels, CPU and monitor holders, a keyboard holder, and even rocking boards and treadmills. It even comes with a 7-year warranty that you can upgrade to a 12-year warranty.

Uplift Sit-Stand Desk

This seems like a pretty reasonable price for a quality piece of office furniture, and at the base model price, could almost be considered inexpensive. Every sit-stand desk we’ve ever tried or looked at, and which wasn’t a table topper, usually costs twice as much.

The Bottom Line

UPLIFT Desk’s Sit-Stand Desk is a pretty easy piece of furniture to recommend. It looks great, feels sturdy, and it won’t cost an arm and a leg.  Plus, with the brand’s stable of optional features, you can customize your workspace to your preferences pretty easily.

UPLIFT Desk Sit-Stand Desk Specs

  • Model Number: UPL927
  • Height Range: 24.4″ – 50.0″ H (without desktop thickness)
  • Travel Speed: 1.5″ per second with soft start/stop actuator motors
  • Noise Level: 45 dB during motion
  • Desktop Thickness: 13/16″
  • Weight Capacity: 355 lb
  • Keypad: Advanced digital memory keypad is available, push, and hold up/down keypad is standard
  • Adjustable Foot Leveling Studs: 3/8″ adjustment for uneven flooring
  • Voltage: Input: 110 V Output: 31 V
  • Transformer Power: 220 W (0.2 W on standby)
  • Power Supply Current: 5 amps
  • Warranty: 7-year all-inclusive warranty on entire desk base, motor frame, controller, keypad, electronics, and mechanisms. Extension to 12 years is available.
  • MSRP: Starting at $495
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For more information about the UPLIFT Desk Sit-Stand Desk, check out the product page at




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What size is the desk pictured here?


I have two of the Uplift Desk and I really like them. I looked at many but they were the best priced, accessories, and have great customer service. I have had them now for two years and haven’t had any problems.

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Shawn White

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