SATA Torque Wrench Line Fills Need For Affordable Quality

SATA Torque Wrench

SATA Torque Wrench Line Coming to Amazon

If you’re looking for an affordable torque wrench that still has the quality of a professional-level tool, consider the SATA torque wrench lineup. These 1/2″ torque wrenches come in three traditional styles along with an electronic version.

Each SATA torque wrench is made with all-steel construction and comes with a lifetime warranty on the ratchet heads.

SATA Torque Wrench Models

  • 1/2-inch Drive Electric Torque Wrench: 250 ft-lb, +/- 2% accuracy ($264.92)
  • 1/2-inch Drive Adjustable Torque Wrench: 20-100 Nm Dual Scale (coming soon)
  • 1/2-inch Drive Adjustable Torque Wrench: 40-200 Nm Dual Scale (coming soon)
  • 1/2-inch Drive Adjustable Torque Wrench: 60-340 Nm Dual Scale  (coming soon)

A 3/8″ electric torque wrench is due later in 2020. 

There’s nothing surprising about the overall design. On the mechanical models, you have a reversible 1/2″ drive with 32 teeth. The head leads down a steel shaft to a handle made from knurled aluminum. The measurement stops are etched into the shaft just above the handle.

SATA Torque Wrench

Wondering about the ft-lbs conversion? The three models hit 14.75 – 73.75 ft-lbs, 29.50 – 147.51 ft-lbs, and 44.25 – 250.77 ft-lbs. These are dual-scale torque wrenches, so both measurements are on there for you.

Aside from adding electronics to the package, the electronic torque wrench switches to a more ergonomic, overmolded grip.

SATA Electronic Torque Wrench 01


The bottom line is that these torque wrenches promise to get the job done right without breaking the bank. As I’m writing this, only the electronic torque wrench is available, but look for the mechanical models to be available soon.

Parting Thoughts

If SATA is a new name to you, you’re not alone. It’s a brand from Apex Tool Group that has been popular over in Europe and recently made its US debut with Amazon as its primary retail partner.

Apex also owns Gearwrench as a premium automotive tool brand. SATA is definitely more budget-friendly, but not DIY-focused. They’re for the Pro that’s interested in keeping more of his or her paycheck.

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Rob Stull

The only thing Apex is known for is buying up other tool companies to add to their portfolio and then ruining them. They aquired Armstrong tools and then shut the company down. They own Matco tools, which are a joke now. I use to buy Matco tools and they were all USA made quality tools. Their trucks are full of rebranded imported junk that comes from other Apex tool companies such as Gearwrench. They rebranded KD tools to the Gearwrench name so KD tools and all their USA made quality tools no longer exist. I’m sorry but Gearwrench is far… Read more »

David S

Good torque wrenches have both NM and ft-lbs scales. Since you had to list the equivalent ft-lbs to NM measurement, hopefully that is what the “dual scale” means. With only a 90 day warranty on the calibration, the owner better set the torque wrench back to zero when they’re finished using it like all non-electronic adjustable torque wrench manufacturers have always recommended. Are they going to provide a source to recalibrate them when it’s needed? I may have paid a lot for my Mac Tools and Snap-on torque wrenches, but at least I could take them to my distributor to… Read more »

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