BN Products-USA BNT-40 Automatic Rebar Tier

BN Products-USA BNT-40 Automatic Rebar Tier


If you’ve never seen a rebar tier in action, it’s impressive. Depending on the type of tie required, you’ll see time savings anywhere from 50% – 80%. More realistically, you can assign one crew member to handle tying duties that you’d normally put 3 – 5 on to wrap up the job. Those time savings add up to money savings in a hurry. The BN Products-USA BNT-40 Automatic Rebar Tier enters this tool class with features designed to save you time and money.

This BNT-40 Automatic Rebar Tier delivers a 3-wrap tie of 21-gauge galvanized wire from a coil-spool that has a capacity of 128 ties. Its brushless twisting motor can handle up to 2,500 ties on a single battery charge. At 5 pounds ready to work, the weight is manageable but understandably more than a set of cutters and linesman pliers.

Two 14.4-volt batteries come packed in the kit along with an extra set of gears and four spools of wire. Online prices are currently running $1550 – $1750 depending on which retailer you go to, which is less than you’d pay for the current Max-USA model. Have you use an automatic rebar tier on the jobsite? We’d love to hear what you think of this model! Sound off on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

BN Products-USA BNT-40 Automatic Rebar Tier Manufacturer’s Key Features

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Two 14.4V Lithium-Ion high capacity batteries
  • Brushless twisting motor
  • Reduces tying time
  • Reduces the risk of health problems
  • Simple one-handed operation

BN Products-USA BNT-40 Automatic Rebar Tier KitSpecifications

  • Maximum Rebar Tying Capacity: #6 x #6 (20mm x 20mm)
  • Tool Weight: 5 lbs (w/battery and spool)
  • Tool Dimensions HxWxL (mm): 11″ x 4″ x 12″ (279 mm x 101 mm x 304 mm)
  • Tying Speed: 0.8 seconds per tie
  • Tie Wraps/ Wire Size: 3 wraps of 21 gauge wire
  • Wire Spool Length/Wire Type: 320 ft/ galvanized
  • Ties Per Spool: 130 to 150
  • Ties Per Battery Charge: 2500 per battery charge
  • Torque Adjustments: 0-5
  • Battery Type: 14.4 V Li-Ion Battery (2 included)
  • Recharging Time: approx 40 minutes
  • Operating Temperature: 32-122° F
  • Warranty Period: 1-Year Limited
  • Price: ~ $1,550

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