Bosch DH507 12 lb SDS-max Demo Hammer

Bosch DH507 demo hammer

The new Bosch DH507 12 lb SDS-max Demo Hammer is a new powerful, but portable, hammer solution designed to have improved ergonomics and variable bit positioning for flexible use. The new design is great for jobs like tile removal and joint repairs, but it’s strong enough to be used as a mini breaker when needed. The tool weighs 12.4 pounds and puts out 5.6 foot-pounds of impact energy.

The Bosch DH507 demo hammer is really quite narrow—perfect for use in tight spaces and and the kind of tool you’ll want to grab to handle quick hammering and chipping jobs. The SDS-max bits fit into the Vario-lock chuck which rotates and can lock the chisel into any of 12 different positions. This allows you to optimize the working angles as needed so the tool moves and you don’t have to. I hate having to hang on the trigger for longer jobs, so it’s nice that Bosch implemented a lock-on button for extended use. You probably won’t use the included variable speed trigger/dial, but if for some reason you need to have that level of control over chiseling you can do so.

The Bosch DH507 includes a side handle for better control over the demo hammer,  and it also features an ergonomic grip area on the tube section so you can grab it for better maneuverability. Within the tool, a magnesium alloy (steel) sleeve is embedded into the housing to distribute and dissipate heat. The demo hammer also features a re-engineered impact system that reduces contact pressure over prior models. The idea is that, when chiseling for long periods of time, you can minimize the strain a tool like this puts on your arms and back.

The Bosch DH507 12 lb SDS-max Demo Hammer will be available in May 2013 for around $439.

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