Sakrete Concrete Countertop Mix

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Sakrete recently introduced Sakrete Concrete Countertop Mix for the increasingly popular alternative to any of the popular countertop materials. Using a form, contractors can pour the mix on-site to create the exact design and thickness desired. Sakrete Concrete Countertop Mix can also be dyed any color to match interior design and décor. The mix takes about 24 hours to cure.

“Materials once thought to be unconventional for interior applications are now making their way into the home. As consumers look for ways to blend indoor and outdoor spaces, we’re aiming to help professionals understand these formerly uncommon uses of concrete and how the products can help them provide customers with what they want.”

– Andrew Krawchyk, Sakrete and Amerimix National Product Manager

Our Take

A stunning example of what is possible for countertops with concrete. Note – this is not done with Sakrete Concrete Countertop Mix.


In case you haven’t noticed, there are plenty of alternative materials being used to create some pretty incredible effects in homes these days. Home Depot is aggressively advertising the use of tile to create a look of stone, marble, and even wood all over the home. Concrete is being considered for a plethora of applications as well.

If you’re not a concrete guy, you may have a “what the…?” kind of reaction by the thought of using concrete in this kind of application. However, if you’ve ever seen polished concrete, it’s capable of creating a beautiful surface.

Increasing popularity is what’s behind new Sakrete Concrete Countertop Mix and the company that brought us Shapecrete at World of Concrete last year is looking to make countertop design easier as well.

Since it can be poured on site, you can customize the size and thickness you need all within steps of where it will be installed. The dyeable concrete cures within 24 hours meaning you’ll have your new countertops in place quickly.

At this moment (I’m writing this before Clint and Kenny get out to World of Concrete), there are no public photos available to share with you of what the finished product looks like, but we’ll be sure to get some eye candy for you as soon as we can!

Sakrete Concrete Countertop Mix Features

  • Pour on-site to exact design and thickness
  • Cures in 24 hours
  • Dyeable
  • Price: TBA




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