Greenlee C3 Auto Whip Clad Cable Cutter

Greenlee C3 Auto Whip

Greenlee Textron recently released an automated solution for cutting AC (BX), MC Cable and FMC. The Greenlee C3 Auto Whip Clad Cable Cutter is the first fully automated notching and cutting machine that allows the user a push-button setup, as well as the freedom to walk awayGreenlee believes that their new product will increase worker safety and efficiency.

What Greenlee Has To Say

“This is the [first machine] capable of notching and cutting AC (BX), MC Cable & FMC with a solution that is fully automated after easily programming the touchscreen interface. The C3 Auto Whip is [significantly] safer than any current cable-cutting machine that’s available because the cutting saws on the C3 Auto Whip are fully enclosed by the machine’s housing, which is designed to protect workers from injury.”

-Jae Lee, product manager at Greenlee

How Does The Greenlee C3 Auto Whip Work?

Greenlee C3 Auto Whip

Currently, someone might notch and cut cable with either a hand tool or a manually operated machine that uses an open saw blade. Both methods tend to be labor-intensive – since the process is repetitive, it requires the full attention of the worker.

The Greenlee C3 Auto Whip clad cable cutting machine eliminates this mundane task. It features a touchscreen interface which allows the user to enter the correct cable configurations. The user can customize the machine to cut cable sizes, types, and desired whip lengths.

Also, the user has the ability to upload custom configurations from a USB drive on the front panel. After loading the cable into the side of the cutting machine, an operator can push a button to start the process. At that point, the operator can move on to a different task while the machine works. As the operation completes, the C3 Auto Whip ejects the cut cables out the other side.

The C3 Auto Whip also features an emergency stop button. If necessary, an operator engages the emergency stop to bring the production to a halt. It has a Lockout/Tagout feature as well, to ensure that the machine is de-energized during routine blade changes.

Greenlee C3 Auto Whip

Greenlee C3 Auto Whip Clad Cable Cutter Key Features

Greenlee C3 Auto Whip

  • Quick set up and lights-out operation
  • Fully enclosed housing protects operator from injury
  • Easily programmable touch-screen interface
  • Effortlessly change between whip configurations
  • Fits on a standard workbench
  • Load custom whip configurations using a USB stick

Greenlee C3 Auto Whip Clad Cable Cutter Specs

  • Application:  After an initial setup, the C3 Auto Whip automatically performs the notching and cutting of armored cable.
  • Sub Brand: C3 Auto Whip
  • Type: Automated Cable CutterGreenlee C3 Auto Whip
  • Cutting Capacity : 0.43″ – 1″
  • Material : Type AC (BX), MC Cable, & FMC
  • Cable Size : 0.43″ – 1″
  • Size : 30″ W x 23″ D x 19″ H (170 lbs.)
  • Catalog Number: C3AW
  • UPC Number: 783310073130
  • MSRP: Contact your local Greenlee dealer for a quote.







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