New Southwire Screwdriver and Nut Driver Solutions

Southwire Screwdriver Expansion - Southwire SDR9N1

Southwire is continuing their march into the electrical sector of the industry with more hand tools targeting professionals and tradesmen. A trio of new Southwire Screwdriver and Nut Driver solutions are making their way to store shelves as we speak.

As Southwire continues to expand, we’re seeing more features that electricians are looking for like magnetic tips, hollow shafts, and ratcheting action – features you’ll see in the latest offerings.

Here’s what to expect from the newest hand tools in Southwire’s collection:

Southwire Magnetic Nut Driver 2-piece Set (NDSET2-6M)

Southwire Screwdriver Expansion - Southwire NDSET2-6M
New Southwire Nut Drivers feature magnetic tips and hollow shafts.

A new 2-piece set of magnetic nut drivers is up first. The set covers common 1/4 and 5/16 inch nuts and – as the name suggests – have magnetic tips to hold them. The 6-inch shafts are hollow to allow longer screw and threaded rod clearance.

The handles are marked to make identification easier and cushion grips have been included for a more comfortable grip. Expect these to run around $20 for the set.

Check it out at for more information.

Southwire 12-N-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver (SD12N1)

Southwire Screwdriver Expansion - Southwire SD12N1
The Southwire 12-N-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver includes a range of slotted, Philips, square, and hex bits.

One of the new Southwire screwdriver solutions includes a 12-in-1 multi-bit option. The cushion grip and medium length shaft extend to a working length of 8-1/4 inches.

A wide variety of common bits are included for several driving applications. The set should retail around $15.

Get more information on the SD12N1 at the website or visit an authorized dealer near you or online.

Southwire 12-N-1 Muti-Bit Screwdriver Bits

  • Slotted: 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″
  • Phillips: #1, #2, #3
  • Square Recessed: #1, #2
  • Hex: 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2

Southwire 9-N-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver (SDR9N1)

Southwire Screwdriver Expansion - Southwire SDR9N1
The Southwire SDR9N1 covers 9 fastener types and features a ratcheting action.

The other Southwire screwdriver being introduced is a 9-in-1 ratcheting model. As another medium length, cushioned grip design, this reaches out to a total length of 8-1/4 inches.

This model should retail in the $20 range.

Southwire 9-N-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver Bits

  • Slotted: 1/4″, 3/16″
  • Phillips: #1, #2
  • Square: #1, #2
  • Hex: 1/4″, 3/8″, 5/16″

While these Southwire screwdrivers and nut drivers make their way to distribution centers, check back with Acme Tools to see when they’ll arrive and consider other Southwire tools while you visit.

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