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Milwaukee M18 Short Throw Press Tool – Updated

Milwaukee M18 Short Throw Press Tool

Milwaukee Tool recently introduced the new RedLithium-powered Milwaukee M18 Short Throw Press Tool for residential PEX installation up to 1 inch. It requires no calibration interval and uses unique jaws compatible with Viega PureFlow Pex Press Systems. The press tool features a pre-press battery check that ensures the tool can complete the press and an Auto-Cycle function with a green light indicator that shows the connection is complete. With a three second cycle time, Milwaukee claims the M18 Short Throw Press Tool is 40% faster than its competition.

“The residential space has largely turned toward PEX tubing due to its cost, speed of installation, and lack of corrosion versus copper. Today, in order to join many PEX fitting systems, users have pressed manually with large, cumbersome hand tools, or invested in hydraulic press tools designed to press metals. The lightweight, in-line design of the new M18 Short Throw Press Tool enables the installer to press with just one hand. And, with a 3 second cycle time, and the ability to press 400 1-inch connections on a single charge, this new tool allows residential installers to do their job faster and easier than any solution they’ve had up until now – without paying for more force than is needed.”

– Alex Boll, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

PureFlow Plumbing Systems offer three forms of ViegaPEX tubing: ViegaPEX, ViegaPEX Ultra and FostaPEX. Unlike copper, all forms of Viega tubing offer proven resistance to chemically aggressive water conditions and temperature aging for longer life expectancy. Viega tubing meets strict ASTM standards in addition to UPC and international codes for potable water systems.

Our Take

As PEX continues to make its way into more plumbing installations, an increase in residential demand is pretty likely. Milwaukee stays ahead of that curve with their new Short Throw Press Tool which stays on the M18 system. Milwaukee’s reputation built over the last several years with electrical tools like the Force Logic series should be more than enough to inspire confidence for plumbing applications as well.

One-handed use is a major bonus and it looks like Milwaukee got the handle design and balance right. We’ll have to wait until we get one in our hands to know for sure.

Update Feb 6, 2017

The Milwaukee M18 Short Throw Press Tool now comes with PEX crimp jaws. It’s essentially the same tool with a different set of jaws. The original Viega PureFlow Jaw set is model number 2674-22P and the PEX Crimp Jaw is model 2674-22C.

Milwaukee M18 Short Throw Press ToolMilwaukee M18 Short Throw Press Tool Specifications

  • Model: Milwaukee 2674-22P/2674-22C
  • Force: 7,200lbs
  • Pipe Capacity: Up to 1-inch
  • Approx. Cycle Time: 3 Seconds
  • Auto Cycle: Yes
  • Length: 13.6-inch
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs
  • Tool Warranty: 5 years
  • Jaw Warranty: 2 Year
  • Price: $729 .00

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When the crimp copper ring jaws are gonna be avaible ?

Jeff powell

I sure would like an explaination of why this tool and others like it cost so much. I just don’t understand the reason why it costs so much more than something like an oscillating tool.

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