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Truewerk Workwear Brings High-Performance Technical Gear to the Jobsite

Durable workwear is as important as having a dependable power tool. For the professional, choosing the perfect work gear means finding the perfect balance of comfort, simplicity, durability, and functionality. Honestly, all of us make tradeoffs. Personally, I value comfort and function and will give up some durability and simplicity to get it. Truewerk workwear is designed to help close the gap and eliminate some of those tradeoffs.

Truewerk takes its concept inspiration from military and professional mountain guide services. It’s the idea of creating a system of clothing that is comfortable and functional driving the design. When Truewerk talks about a clothing system, they’re serious. Each piece of the fall/winter 2015 lineup is designed to work with the others as opposed to individual pieces that happen to be thrown together.

First Impressions

The very first thing I noticed when I opened the Truewerk package is these jobsite clothes don’t look or feel like anything I’ve ever worn. Putting them on reinforced that impression and my lovely Bride gave the look two thumbs up with a bonus smile.

As a tall guy with an athletic build, it felt nice to put on workwear that fit like it was designed for my body type. It was very noticeable how well the clothing allowed me to move freely. There are some stretching characteristics to the material that I’m not used to, but that I could get used to in a hurry.

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There’s also a lot of utility built into each piece. Pockets are everywhere you look, each with an intentionally designed function.

All four pieces in the line share the same double stitching along high-wear/high-risk areas. The Truewerk Double Stitch T3 Pants and Welterweight Windshirt feature Ripstop style stitching. The benefit to this is when a rip starts, the additional threading will stop it faster and prevent it from easily spreading.

Truewerk S4 Tower Parka

This hooded coat features a lightweight synthetic insulation for staying warm even at lower temperatures. It’s more than warm enough to handle what we’ll see here in Florida with ease. As my Bride and I head up to visit relatives, we like to do some horseback riding. Truewerk Parkas will be particularly nice on those snowy rides and getting some winter maintenance done around the farm.

Truewerk Brickhouse Parka 3
We reviewed the original Brickhouse Parka which shares many features with the newer S4 Tower Parka.

For challenging activities, the S4 Tower Parka includes abrasion resistance and rip-stop fabric. It also has 4-way stretch softshell outer fabric and gasketed cuffs with adjustable Velcro closures that seal cold air out.

While the Truewerk S4 Parka isn’t overly bulky for a heavy jacket, you will notice some restriction in overhead movement. It’s not as much as I see with my normal winter jacket though.

Truewerk S4 Tower Parka Key Features

  • 4-way stretch fabric with Pro-fit increases mobility without added bulk
  • Double-stitch seams increase durability
  • Repels rain, snow, and wind
  • 4 Pockets including internal glove stuff-pocket
  • Available in Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, and 3XL sizes
  • Priced at $189

Truewerk S3 Solution Jacket

When the sun comes out and the wind isn’t blowing as hard, the Truewerk S3 Solution Jacket is your best friend. It features a 10k/10k waterproof yet breathable membrane and a durable water-repellent four-way micro rip-stop outershell. That repels rain, snow, and wind. Inside, you get an ultra-soft inner fleece lining.

It is also equipped with multiple pockets, including a chest pouch, a knife and no-snag pen pocket, and internal glove or hat stuff pockets.

Truewerk Double-Stitch Jacket 2
The S3 Solution workwear jacket replaces the original Truewerk Double-Stitch jacket we reviewed and shares many of the same features.

The cut of this jacket is designed to portray a clean, professional look that will inspire confidence in your clients. It does exactly that while remaining very functional. With a kind of “Project Manager” look, I really like the soft interior combined with the durability of the outer shell. It’s got plenty of function and durability for the jobsite with enough style to wear out on the town.

Truewerk S3 Solution Jacket Key Features

  • 4-way stretch fabric with Pro-fit moves with you without added bulk
  • Cuff gaskets seal cold air out while allowing the sleeve to cover glove cuffs
  • Extended shirttail covers your rear while working or riding a bike/motorcycle
  • Double-stitch seams increase durability
  • The brushed bonded lining adds warmth
  • Available in Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, and 3XL sizes
  • Priced at $139

Truewerk Welterweight Windshirt

Welterweight is the scale right above lightweight so it is a little heavier compared to lightweight. The Truewerk windshirt features a stretch Ripstop technical shell fabric that is breathable for extended comfort. It is also detailed with soft-touch lining that wicks moisture away from the body. The Truewerk Welterweight can be worn over a t-shirt or layered with the Brickhouse Parka or Double-Stitch Jacket.

Truewerk Welterweight Windshirt 2

The Welterweight Windshirt is the only piece that feels like durability could be an issue. The outer material is incredibly thin, yet it still boasts the same Ripstop style square stitching though. We don’t do destructive testing to find out just how durable material is. However, some simple pulling and prodding reveals the material to be tougher than it looks. It’s an incredibly comfortable piece that’s lightweight and warm, yet repels rain and snow. Think sweatshirt replacement when it comes to the Windshirt.

 Truewerk Welterweight Windshirt Key Features

  • DWR coating repels stains, rain and snow
  • Jacket stores inside chest pocket and can be clipped to harness or work gear with web loop
  • 4-way stretch underarms increase mobility
  • Broad shoulders and sleeves improve mobility
  • Extended shirt tail covers your rear while working and can be tucked into a harness
  • Available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large sizes
  • Priced at $129

A Note on Layering

As I mentioned before, Truewerk is designed as a system of clothing that works together. It’s particularly noticeable in the layering. While the Windshirt outer material is ultra thin, the material is what allows the Double Stitch Jacket or Brickhouse Parka to easily slide over it without pulling the arms up.

What’s also really nice is that layering the Windshirt didn’t add the kind of bulk that makes you feel like the Michelin Man. I was still able to move around and work easily. With the Brickhouse Parka/Windshirt combo, I noticed some resistance in overhead working applications. Still, it’s no worse than I’d expect with typical heavy jackets.

Adding the T3 Pants in, you’ve got a system of clothing that is incredibly warm, comfortable, and flexible. The fact that it’s designed to be durable should eliminate the hesitation to wear it on the jobsite.

Truewerk Double-Stitch T3 Pants

The T3 pants are detailed with 7 pockets that include a no-snag pen and knife pocket along with thigh and hip stuff pockets with bonded zippers and riveted corners. For colder temperatures, the pants are made of 4-way stretch fabric with a bonded fleece lining to stay warm.

Truewerk T3 Double-Stitch Pants

Bending and moving, sitting and standing all take a toll on the comfort level of work pants. The Truewerk T3 stretch everywhere, including along the waistband, to stay comfortable whether you’re climbing a pole or updating a project on the computer back at the office. There’s additional stitching in the knee and crotch areas that I was happy to see. Those are the places I typically wear out first and it also helps with flexibility.

Even wearing wider-opening Wellington-style work boots, the T3 pants fit easily over the top. The legs slide well without bunching while walking. They also don’t droop down far enough to start tripping over them or stepping on the back.

The fleece lining is greatly appreciated as the temperatures begin to drop. At the same time, wearing them on a heated jobsite or office doesn’t start an immediate flow of sweat. It feels kind of like wearing your favorite fleece pajama pants to work. That or wind-resistant sweat pants – whichever description doesn’t violate the terms of your man card.

Truewerk Double-Stitch T3 Pants Key Features

  • Waterproof-breathable membrane and DWR combine to repel stains, rain, snow and wind
  • Articulated knees and Gusseted crotch improve mobility
  • Double-stitch seams increase durability
  • Riveted pocket corners reinforce stress points
  • Available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large sizes
  • Priced at $169

Colors and Care

Truewerk’s clothing may seem a little drab in color, but it’s actually intentional. Designers went with gray (crete), black, and brown (grain) to downplay the concrete dust and dirt that find their way to what we wear on the jobsite. I went with the more black/gray just because that’s the style I like.

All of Truewerk’s clothing in the Fall/Winter 2015 line is machine washable. Just toss it in with like colors and use cold water. For drying, be sure to tumble dry on low heat.

Truewerk Double-Stitch Jacket


Truewerk workwear is not your traditional jobsite clothing. It feels different, looks different, and will take some getting used to for many folks. However, after you experience the flexibility and comfort of this wintertime clothing, you won’t want to go back to the other stuff. Retail prices are a bit on the high side for value. I can’t stress enough that if you’re a professional tradesman or in trade school to become one, check out the PRO Purchase Program. It’s well worth your time if the Truewerk line is something you want to get your hands on!

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