Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Review

Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Review

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to how we listen to music or videos privately. You can go with over the ear headphones, on the ear headphones, earbuds, or bone conduction. Then you can go wired or wireless. And of course, there’s price to consider. So what do Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless Earphones offer in this crowded space and where do they fit?

Custom Molding You Can Do At Home

When I asked my favorite audiophile about Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless Earphones, his first question was where I went to have the custom molding done. But you don’t have to see a specialist. The thermoplastic construction of the earpieces allows you to tackle the process at home.

It’s straightforward – start by boiling some water and pouring it into a ceramic mug. Put your silicone ear tips on and drop it in for 5 minutes. Use a metal spoon (not a plastic one) to retrieve it and let it sit for 30 seconds. Then place it in your ear and shape to your bowl for a perfect fit. If you happen to mess it up, just repeat the process.


The process really is simple and you’re done in less than 15 minutes. I molded my first myself. I wasn’t great. The next time around, I had my wife help and the results were much better. You can use a mirror if you have to do it yourself, but a second set of hands and eyes will give you the best shot at getting it right the first time.

Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Review

Sound Quality

I have a pretty high-end wireless sound system for my home and over the ear headphones at a price point that most people would balk at paying, but that’s the benefit of getting hand me downs from an audiophile. Having access to that kind of sound quality gives me a fantastic baseline, but also pause to recognize that each type of sound delivery system is different. That’s definitely the case with earbuds. You can have the best quality earbuds in the world, but they won’t be as good as over the ear headphones or high-quality speakers.

So realize this evaluation is a comparison of earbuds, not other high-end headphones or speakers.

The first thing that hit me with the Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless Earphones is the sound clarity. My wife noticed the same thing with her wired Decibullz. Highs, mids, and lows come through with excellent clarity.

What you expect to lose when you move to earbuds and their tiny speakers is the fullness of the sound – particularly on the low side. You can definitely pick up each part of the range, but it’s not as dynamic as you’ll get with other headphone styles. Compared to other earbuds in this price range, it’s still excellent, though.


Decibullz absolutely kills it in the volume department. With the earphone and phone volume all the way up, there’s no distortion and each part of the range still comes through clearly.

Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Review

The highest volume doesn’t blow out my eardrums. I could hand these to my kids and not worry about what volume they’re listening at. But here’s the best part – the sound dampening of the custom molded system means you don’t need them to be any louder. Listening on an airplane right next to the engine, the ambient sound is relegated to faint white noise.


I’m a former Ironman triathlete and still do a lot of running and cycling. On my bike, I go with the Coros Linx Bike Helmet with bone conduction sound to keep my ears free to hear road traffic. But on a run, I can draw into myself a bit more.

Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Review

The Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless Earphones are among the most stable in my ears I’ve run with. The combination of silicone ear inserts and custom molded earpieces keep them from going anywhere when I’m on a longer training run. When it comes to speed work, I’m pounding the pavement a bit harder and they can work themselves out.

Other Notes

At this point, I only have a minor complaint – the charging port is a little bit of a challenge to open. It could use a little longer tab to make it a little easier.

Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Review

On the runtime side of things, you can expect to get 3.5 to 5 hours depending on how loud you listen to them. Charging can take an hour. So far, none of my workouts or flights have been long enough to completely drain the battery. Since I’m the kind of guy that charges a battery immediately after use, it’s more than enough to meet my needs.

The Bottom Line

If you’re trying to shut the world out and keep your hearing, the Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless Earphones are a major win. The sound quality, volume, and stability are very impressive whether I’m out for a run or typing up a review in an airplane on my way to a media event.

The retail price runs $119 on the Decibullz website and they’re on sale for $89 at the time of writing. Given the other options in this price range, I like Decibullz as the front-runner for everyone from the construction Pro to the endurance athlete.



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