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Review9.5(out of 10)
isoTUNES Xtra battery runtime

ISOtunes Xtra Bluetooth Headphones Review

If you’re anything like me, listening to music helps motivate you and makes the time seem to go by faster. Not every job lets you rock out with the tunes—but when you can, it’s nice to have a solution that holds up. I mean, the workplace can be a really noisy place. The ISOtunes Xtra […]

Review7.5(out of 10)
Stihl Dynamic BT Bluetooth Ear Protectors

Stihl Dynamic BT Bluetooth Ear Protectors Review

Stihl Dynamic BT Ear Protection Adds Music Streaming To Ear Protection Hearing protection is definitely important when working around loud equipment, but does it always have to be boring? Why settle for listening to a reduced-volume version of your tired, old mower or string trimmer when you can pipe some sweet tunes straight into your […]

Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Review

Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Review

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to how we listen to music or videos privately. You can go with over the ear headphones, on the ear headphones, earbuds, or bone conduction. Then you can go wired or wireless. And of course, there’s price to consider. So what do Decibullz Bluetooth Wireless […]