Who Makes HART Power Tools and Are They Any Good?

If you’ve visited your local Walmart’s tool department in the last couple of years, you’ve likely noticed a massive shift to the bright blue boxes containing HART tools. But who makes HART power tools at Walmart? Are HART tools any good?

Who Makes HART Tools?

HART tools is part of the TTI group: Techtronic Industries. Publically traded under the stock symbol TTNDY, the company includes Milwaukee Tool, Ryobi, AEG (Ridgid Power Tools), Hoover, and others.

With such a wide range of brands stretching from DIY all the way to premium professional, there’s a lot of innovation and technology in-house that each branch of the group can learn from.

Are HART Tools Any Good?

The short answer is, yes, HART tools have been very good in our experience. Whether or not they’re for you depends on what you need from your tools.

Taking over the home improvement section of Walmart, they’re a good fit for a variety of DIY projects and home maintenance/repair. For more serious users, HART’s brushless tools offer higher performance and runtimes.

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In addition to a wide range of corded and cordless tools, there are also a wide range of hand tools. We use several of the mechanic’s tool sets. Personally, I have the 275-piece mechanic’s tool set in my garage for everyday projects and keep a smaller socket set in our vehicle for any on-the-road troubles we might run into on our travels.

HART 275-Piece Mechanics Tool Set | Who makes HART Tools? Are HART Tools Any Good?

Overall, HART tools offer excellent value. It’s possible to find cheaper tools, but the price compared to the quality and performance you get is better than most of the other DIY brands we’ve used.

Should You Buy Them?

Knowing that the TTI group is who makes HART tools certainly inspires confidence. In addition to the manufacturing competency, the power tools come with a 3-year warranty, and the hand tools have a lifetime warranty.

They have more than just power and hand tools, though. For both its 20V and 40V battery systems, it has the outdoor power equipment you need to keep your lawn looking great. There’s even a riding lawn mower if you’re tired of walking back and forth across your lawn on Saturdays.

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HART also dives into lifestyle products. Most notably, it has a nice line of corded and cordless vacuums. There are lights, fans, inflators, power source inverters, and even a heated jacket as well.

Overall, HART covers a wide range of needs for homeowners and its convenient home at Walmart is a big win for DIYers. If you’re looking for a combination of high value, quality, and convenience for your projects around the house, we highly recommend giving HART tools a shot.

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