October 28, 2021

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Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Power Station

zendure superbase power station

Zendure SuperBase Pro Provides High-Powered, Portable Backup Power

Zendure, a California-based company that works in portable power solutions, has expanded its product range by moving into the power station market. The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Power Station boasts some big power and capacity, fast charging speeds, a laundry list of output options, and a footprint that encourages portability. The SuperBase Pro provides power backup for emergencies or to let you go camping (glamping?) in style.

The Portable and Durable SuperBase Pro

Zendure designed the SuperBase Pro 2000 Power Station like a short, fat suitcase. This lets you easily move it around to and from the jobsite, campsite, or wherever you need power. It even comes with both a telescopic handle and a fixed handle, and the wheels are larger enough to move the 46-lb. power station across uneven terrain. The design even allows for stacking items on top of the power station as you might with traditional luggage.

Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Power Station
Yes, you can go glamping in a teepee.

The SuperBase Pro also features ridges along the top and back offer some physical collision resistance. Meanwhile, Zendure has also reinforced the internal components to protect against impacts so that it can stand up to real-world use and weather.

Large Capacity and Power

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Power Station has a 2,096Wh battery capacity. It features an impressive 2,000W output with 4,000W surge capability. Sporting these sorts of numbers, the SuperBase Pro is ideal for providing plenty of backup power to keep high-power equipment up and running.

We connected a 15A DeWalt shop vac alongside two LED work lights and ran it for over 90 minutes on High before depleting the battery. Recharging took only around two hours off a 20A 120V connection.

For camping applications, Zendure’s power station can power a variety of devices for a prolonged period of time, including laptops, mini-fridges, projectors, LED lamps, and more.

2000W power inverter chainsaw
We have no idea why he’s cutting 2×3 on a picnic table bench, but we were too scared to ask him since he had a live chainsaw in his hand…

Pure Sine Wave Output

Zendure has also worked their AmpUp technology into the design. This technology allows the SuperBase Pro to power devices up to 2000W, opening you up to running heavy-duty appliances and power tools like induction cookers, vacuums, chainsaws, drills, and motorized devices.

Basically, AmpUp is a Dynamic Voltage Output tech that, when an appliance begins to draw a high current, the power station lowers the output voltage to compensate. This lets you use most appliances without any disruption due to overload protection. Zendure tells us that it’s completely safe and maintains a pure sine wave to run sensitive electronics (like refrigerators and medical equipment).

Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 charging laptop
This might be my next office location…

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Power Station also has household-grade Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) functionality. Basically, you can plug the Power Station into an AC power source, and it will run power to your connected devices as well. Should you experience a power outage, the UPS functionality takes over, automatically switching to battery power to avoid any power interruption.

Recharge Rates

Zendure has also designed the SuperBase Pro 2000 so that you can recharge it very quickly. They tell us that, when connected to 1,800W of AC power, the SuperBase Pro reaches 80% charge in an hour. It reaches full charge in two hours.

However, supposing that some users will be working off-grid, Zendure has also designed the SuperBase Pro 2000 with PVMax technology, which lets you pop a solar panel into the side and recharge that way. They even claim similar recharge times when using solar panels to recharge the unit. It comes with an MC4 to AC female cable so that you can connect 1,800W solar panels to take advantage of the fast solar recharge speeds.

All in all, Zendure provides up to six ways to recharge the SuperBase Pro, all with varying recharge speeds:

Recharge MethodInput VoltageTime to Fully Recharge
AC Outlet1,800W2 hours
Solar Panels via AC InputUp to 1,800W2 hours
Solar Panels via XT60 InputUp to 600W4 hours
Car Charger120W Max19 hours
Generator1,800W2 hours
AC+DC (XT60)Up to 2,400W1.5 hours

Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Power Station Outputs

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Power Station includes 14 output ports. Here’s the breakdown of what is offered:

  • 6 x AC: 2,000W Max (100-120V)
  • 1 x Car Outlet: 13.6V/10A 136W Max
  • 3 x DC5521: 13.6V/10A Max 136W Max
  • USB-C (1): 5V-20V, 100W Max
  • USB-C (2): 5V-20V, 100W Max
  • USB-C (3)(4): 5V-12V, 20W Max Total

Note that the 136W refers to the combined maximum output power of the Car Outlet and the DC5521 ports together.

Location Based Services & Carbon Reduction

Zendure’s SuperBase 2000 Pro, according to the brand, is the first power station to provide Location Based Services. It uses a built-in 4G IoT connection that lets you manage your power station from just about anywhere (as long as you’ve got 4G signal). With Zendure’s companion app for your smartphone or tablet, you can check the power station’s location, charge levels, and output power in real-time. You can also adjust settings, schedule recharging for low-energy times, and switch to different operation modes on the fly from the app.

The companion app also tracks the total carbon reduction achieved by using the SuperBase Pro 2000. When you have collected a certain amount of green energy, Zendure has partnered with the OneTreePlanted Foundation to plant a tree on your behalf.

Other Features

  • Equipped with ST ARM + TI DSP processors to provide high-performance, realtime processing, and to maintain system stability
  • EV-grade batteries that can run 1,500 cycles to 80% capacity and 3,000 cycles to 60%
  • 6.1″ LCD Display

Pricing & AvailabilityZendure has the SuperBase Pro 2000 Power Station ready for preorder on Indiegogo. Zendure has a very active presence in the Amazon marketplace with several power products. We expect to see the SuperBase Pro there shortly after it officially launches. You can also visit the Zendure website for more information.

Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Power Station Specs

  • Capacity: 2,096 Wh
  • Battery Cells: Li-NMC
  • Dimensions: 17.56 x 10.51 x 13.86 in.
  • Weight: 46.5 lbs.
  • AC Input: 1,800 W
  • DC Input: XT60, 12V-60V, 10A/600W Max
  • 14 Outputs: 6 x AC Outputs [2,000W Max (100-120V); 2,000W Max (220-240V)]; 1 x Car Outlet (13.6V/10A Max) 3 x DC5521 (13.6V 10A Max); 2 USB-C (5V-20V, 100W Max); 2 USB-C (5V-12V, 20W Max Total)
  • LED Light: RGB Multicolor
  • Connectivity: Smart Companion App, Wi-Fi, 4G IoT
  • Included: AC cable, MC4 to XT60 cable, MC 4 to AC Female Cable, accessory bag
  • Available: August, 2021
  • Price: $1299 (Early pricing)

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