48 Tools Battery Holder | Power Tool Battery Storage

48 Tools Battery Holder | Power Tool Battery Storage

If you’re looking for a better way to store your power tool batteries (heck, even if you’re not!), the 48 Tools Battery Holder might be exactly what you need. We’ve been using a multi-shelf rolling cart and it works okay, so we decided to give 48 Tools a shot and see if it offers a better solution.


  • Super-easy installation
  • Available for Bosch, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, and Ridgid (AEG) 18V/20V Max batteries
  • Batteries lock in, letting you install the holders in any position
  • Wide range of uses from the shop to work vehicles and trailers


  • DeWalt holder requires a little more effort to release batteries
  • DeWalt FlexVolt and Bosch 18V wireless charging batteries won’t store side-by-side
  • It’s possible to overtighten screws on installation and crack the plastic

The concept is fairly simple: each 48 Tools Battery Holder is molded to fit 3 or 4 batteries, allowing them to lock in place. Because they lock, you can install them vertically or horizontally on a wall, or inside your work van or trailer. PTR’s Tom Gaige even installed them on the inside lid of a box on his work truck.

The installation process is super-simple. Just set them with 4 screws or bolts in the predrilled holes. The conical hole shape is best for using flat heads. Just be sure not to overtighten—you can crack the plastic if you do.

48 ToolsBattery Holder Installation

If you’re installing multiple layers of holders as we did, start with your lowest one and work up. It’s easier to make sure you have enough space to remove your batteries that way. Once you know the distance, just mark the base of the next one, set the first screw or bolt, and use a torpedo level to even it out before setting the second. Pop the third and fourth screws in and you’re done.

48 Tools Battery Holder | Power Tool Battery Storage

You can get a 48 Tools Battery Holder in any of 5 flavors for 18V/20V Max batteries: Bosch, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, and Ridgid. The Ridgid holder is actually marked AEG. The company behind the product is Australian, so it gets Ridgid’s Down Under alias.

Most of the holders handle up to 4 batteries and the Ridgid one holds 3. They work well for the most part, but there are a few quirks here and there.


Bosch’s batteries slide in and out of the holder easily. Even with the Core18V batteries, the fit nicely (and pretty snug) with 4 across. The wireless charging packs are the only ones to present a small issue. They’re a little wider, so you can’t put two of them right next to each other. However, you can put a 2P or 1P pack next to one, so if you alternate between standard and wireless batteries, it works great.

The only caveat is that we didn’t have an 8.0Ah or 12.0Ah Core18V battery to try. We’ll have to get back to you once we get a couple of those in and let you know if they fit.

48 ToolsBattery Holder Bosch


DeWalt’s batteries are the only ones we had much of an issue with. They slide in fine, but the release button doesn’t quite drop the lip all the way down and it catches slightly when you remove the battery. Give the release and good squeeze and you’ll hear it snap free. That’s when you can get the battery out easily.

All of the 20V Max packs work well, but you run into some issues with the FlexVolt batteries. You aren’t able to store 2 of them side-by-side. You can fit a 20V Max battery next to one though. Like Bosch’s wireless batteries, you can alternate them to make it work rather than leaving an empty slot.

48 ToolsBattery Holder DeWalt


Makita’s holders are super easy. The size of the entire 18V LXT battery range is so consistent that there’s no issue putting any of the batteries right next to each other or inserting and removing them.

48 ToolsBattery Holder Makita


The 48 Tools Battery Holder for Milwaukee is dialed in for the entire line of batteries. You can put a pair of 12.0Ah High Output batteries right next to each other or any other combination currently available.

Like Makita, they slide in and out easily.

48 ToolsBattery Holder Milwaukee

Ridgid (AEG)

Ridgid’s holder only has space for three batteries, but it can handle the entire range of packs all the way up to a trio of 9.0Ah Octane batteries with no issues. They also insert and remove easily.

48 ToolsBattery Holder Ridgid AEG


When you go to the 48 Tools website, the $29.99 price is in Australian dollars. The actual price in the US is about $20 direct from them (plus shipping). There’s also a US-based online retailer that has them for $21.99 each.

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The Bottom Line

We really like the way we’re able to streamline the flow of batteries from charging to storage using 48 Tools Battery Holders. The space we’re saving is welcome in our shop and there are so many ways to integrate them into work vehicles. If you manage more than a few batteries throughout your day or just want a bit more organization in your shop or garage, definitely give these a shot.

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