6 Quick Home Workshop Hacks

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We can never have enough tools or enough space for tools, so we have to make the most efficient and comfortable use of what we have in our home workshops. We thought we’d list a few easy and cheap ways to maximize your working space with 6 quick home workshop hacks.

6 Quick Home Workshop Hacks to Help You Work It

1. Use a Pegboard

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The first of our 6 quick home workshop hacks might be one of the best. To organize and easily locate tools in your workshop, use a pegboard. Hooks can be configured to hold just about anything. You can even buy tool-specific hooks if you want to get fancy. When setting up your pegboard, be sure to use furring strips so that there’s room behind the holes to allow the hooks to pass through.

2. Comfort and Padding

The better organized your workshop, the more you’ll want to actually do work in it. Be sure you’re comfortable on your feet by putting down padding on what is likely a concrete floor (plywood can be similarly fatiguing). Sure, you can spend a bundle, but you can also put some down some old carpet or even just the carpet padding in a pinch.

More expensive ergonomic rubber mats are also an option—and a better choice if you tend to stand in one place for long periods of time.

3. Repurpose Old Cabinets

We have this one in use right now. If you remodel your kitchen, your old cabinets can have a great second life as your workshop cabinets. Add a reclaimed solid wood door, a piece of 3/4-inch plywood, or the countertop of your choice for a top work surface.

4. Make a Bench Hook

Learn how to make a simple bench hook. Bench hooks are helpful for holding material when you won’t or can’t use a vice. Although the subject of another article here on Pro Tool Reviews, you can learn how to make a bench hook in just a few minutes. Better still, you can do it with the use of scrap materials.

Simple Bench Hook
Make this on a day you feel like playing hooky.

5. Organize & Label Accessories

Number five in our 6 quick home workshop hacks is to organize accessories and parts. Once you find a place for everything, label each box or bin. Don’t underestimate the power of knowing what’s in a container without having to open it or climb a ladder to peek inside.

6. Charge those Batteries!

Best Battery Charger for Power Tools

Chances are that lithium-ion battery-powered tools have begun to replace your corded tools. In fact, lithium-ion is now out-performing corded tools in many categories! The freedom of cordless is great, but not when your batteries are dead.

Put a reminder in your phone or on your calendar every couple of weeks or once a month to put your batteries on charge. That way, they’re ready when you need them. Of course, most modern lithium-ion batteries will hold a charge for up to three years. This makes them even more convenient for periodic use.

Et Cetera

The list of ingenious ideas from clever professionals and home craftsmen is nearly endless, but this is a good start. Here’s to many productive afternoons and weekends in your home workshop. 

We hope you’ve found these 6 quick home workshop hacks helpful! If you’re a Pro and you have more tips, add them in the comments below.

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