AMP Research BedStep2 Review

Amp Research BedStep2
PTR Review
  • Pro Review 9.0

The Amp Research BedStep2 may be the simplest, most sensible upgrade you can do to make the contents of your work truck more easily accessible.

Overall Score 9.0 (out of 10)

Retrieving supplies from your truck bed gets much easier when you have a higher center of gravity, and the BedStep and BedStep2 products from AMP Research offer some convenience when reaching into the bed of your truck. Instead of having to step onto the wheel or climb in via the tailgate, the AMP Research BedStep2 allows you to easily drop down a step when you need to get that additional reach. The BedStep2 is an incredibly convenient product that goes right behind the cab, and you can barely see them when they’re stowed away. We installed a pair of BedStep2 steps on each side of our Ford F-150 work truck (positioned behind a set of stainless steel LUND nerf bars) to see if they’d work as well as advertised.

AMP Research BedStep2 Features

The AMP Research BedStep2 is a durable composite product. It mounts to a steel-hinged frame that installs easily and quickly to the frame of the truck. You can fit it to just about any full-size or mid-sized truck. AMP Research actually has multiple models that include the appropriate mounting hardware. AMP Research made the step using glass-reinforced composite material (similar to cordless power tool bodies).

It also has a nice non-slip surface. I tested this thoroughly by running my truck through mud and using the BedStep2 steps in the rain.

What I love most about the AMP Research BedStep2 is that it’s not overly complicated in design or use. Amp Research constructed it so that it both extends and retracts easily with just the push or pull of your foot. There’s no lock, no release levers…it just works. What’s more—it can handle up to 300 pounds. Even your “husky” Uncle Bubba can step on it to reach that cooler full of brown water bottles. We mounted two BedStep2 steps on the right and left sides of our Ford pickup. While you can get away with one mounted on the driver’s side, two give you more flexibility. Finally, it’s worth noting that AMP Research BedSteps are made in the USA.

Amp Research BedStep2 clean

Installing the AMP Research BedStep2

Installation was easy—but that’s because we had the right tools. The system comes with two steel pieces that attach together to securely hold the hinge assembly to the frame. Since we had a 66-inch bed, we used part number 75412-01A which fits late model Ford F-150 trucks through 2019. After assembling the steel brackets for the driver and passenger sides (remember, we had two of these to install), we bolted on the two L-brackets and tightened the 13mm M8 bolts.

Finally, we inserted the included U clips into the frame. We then set the linkage in place and tightened all of the 15mm bolts. They spec to 20 ft-lbs (having a torque wrench really helps). A set of offset box wrenches could makes your life a whole lot easier. Finally, we installed the step pad and tightened it using the included T25 Torx screws.

Amp BedStep2 extended

The BedStep2 on the Road

To use the Amp Research BedStep2, you just put your toe on the step and push it down and away from the truck. Lift underneath, and it locks right back in place. It never once accidentally deployed—even at high speeds and over long distances. It’s a very secure installation, yet easy to use when you need it. Regarding the original Amp Research BedStep, it’s a very similar system but goes on the back of the vehicle just under the corner of the bumper. On our Ford F-150 we have a Draw-Tite Round Tube Max-Frame receiver hitch.It didn’t provide enough thread clearance left to install the BedStep. If that’s an issue for you, it’s yet another good reason to consider the side-mounted Amp Research BedStep2.


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