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people misusing large construction equipment

People Misusing Large Construction Equipment

We were tooling around online today and came across several examples of how to misuse large construction equipment. And believe us, this is some gross misuse of some very large pieces of equipment. Now, the misuse was VERY impressive, but we’re not sure we’d risk our necks (or that much money) on the type of […]

Ford Launches F-600 Chassis Cab for 2020

Ford Balances Size and Towing Capacity With Ford’s 2020 F-600 chassis cab, you’ll not only have the muscle to tow all the tools you need day-in and day-out, but you’ll also have it in a truck that’s small enough to maneuver around any jobsite. The mid-sized Ford F-600 delivers the capacity of a Class 6 […]

installing Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX receiver

Upgrading the Stereo in a Ford F-150 XLT Work Truck

When I bought my 2015 Ford F-150 I quickly searched out the best aftermarket upgrades for my new work truck. In particular, upgrading the stereo in a Ford F-150 XLT work truck would get me Apple CarPlay. Unfortunately, at the time, the 4″ stock Sync 2 radio remained the one thing I couldn’t upgrade. No […]

Bollinger Motors B1 Sport Utility Truck

Bollinger Motors B1: The Future of Work Trucks

The magic of electricity stored in a battery is nothing new. But the vision of how far we can take battery power is far from over. Ford has already announced a hybrid version of the F-150 for 2020. Germany is shooting to kill all combustion engine vehicles by 2030 with France and England a decade […]

News - TRUC Table

TRUC Table: Integrated Work Space on Your Tailgate

What if you could attach a work table extension to your tailgate and avoid hauling sawhorses and plywood? That’s the basic idea behind the TRUC Table – the Transportable Rugged Utility Construction Table. Invented by Nate Dipillo, the TRUC Table offers an adjustable, stable platform to fit most work trucks. It can also be detached […]

Ford F-150 Hybrid To Roll Out By 2020

Ford F-150 Hybrid to Roll Out by 2020

Ford recently unveiled plans to introduce the Ford F-150 Hybrid by 2020 as part of an expansion that will create 700 direct new jobs. It’s part of a $4.5 billion investment in electrified vehicles. Since you can’t exactly buy hybrid aftermarket upgrades for your Ford F-150, this is big news. Ford F-150 Hybrid Details The F-150 Hybrid, […]

Pro Tool Reviews: A Pirate's Life for Me

Pro Tool Reviews: A Pirate’s Life for Me

As some of you may already know, I recently suffered a retinal detachment that has taken me out for a bit. While that puts all of my current review projects on hold, I’m undaunted in my attempts to at least make fun of myself along the way. In honor of my current look sporting an […]

Ford F-Series Super Duty Chassis Cab

Ford F-Series Super Duty Chassis Cab

There are the Ford trucks we like driving to the jobsite with enough class for recreational use as well. Then there the really hard working Ford trucks that are designed to work every moment of their life. In that vein, Ford has introduced the new 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty Chassis Cab with upgrades over last year’s […]

Review8.5(out of 10)
Kicker subwoofer upgrade

Kicker PF150SC15 Subwoofer Review

One of the most fun aftermarket Ford F-150 work truck upgrades you can do is add some boom to your stock stereo system. For me, that meant picking up a Kicker PF150SC15 subwoofer kit. If you’ve listened to a lot of car stereo systems, you’ll realize that most lack any sort of punch in the bottom end. […]

Review9.6(out of 10)
Peragon aluminum tonneau cover

Peragon Aluminum Tonneau Cover Review

Tonneau covers are some of the most popular aftermarket truck upgrades. They not only upgrade the look of your truck, but they serve a very important purpose locking down the contents of your truck bed as well as protecting them from the environment. We were able to install a retractable Peragon aluminum tonneau cover on a 2015 Ford […]