Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Work Truck

Are You Ready To Make The Switch To An All-Electric Work Truck?

Electric vehicles are all the rage nowadays, and the topic itself has its fans and foes. Whether you love them or hate them, their presence on the market is increasing. Ford aims to expand the electric vehicle atmosphere by adding some useful and innovative features to the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro as a base-level electric work truck and running all the way up to a Platinum trim level.

Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Work Truck: The Big Deal

Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Electric Work Truck

For starters, the Ford F-150 Lightning has more torque than any other F-150 at 775 lb-ft. This is impressive in its own right, but especially so coupled with the fact that it is fully electric. It has a maximum towing capacity of 10,000 lbs and gets up to 563 horsepower. Even in its basic form, it has 5,000 lbs of towing capacity.

Ford says to expect up to 230 miles with the standard battery, and up to 320 miles with the extended range battery on a full charge. The extended battery is not available on the Pro trim level.

On top of that, the F-150 Lightning acts as a fully functioning generator using Pro Power Onboard. According to Ford, it can support a worksite for up to three days with the extended range battery, including the drive back and forth each day.

Another notable feature is the storage capacity. It features the largest front trunk, or “frunk” (yep, you read that right) of any electric pickup truck at 14.1 cubic feet. It has a 5.6-foot cargo bed with options to add four 120V outlets.

Also featured is a tailgate work surface, which has useful details like an integrated ruler and mobile device holder.

Additional Features

  • 12-inch productivity screen on interior dash
  • Military-grade aluminum-alloy body
  • Boxed steel frame
  • Dual electric inboard motors
  • Lower maintenance costs when compared to gas vehicles
  • 360° exterior zone lighting
  • Overnight charging at a depot, home, or public locations

Compare all Ford F-150 Lightning models here.

Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Work Truck Price

The base model is the F-150 Lightning Pro, starting at $39,974. What’s interesting is that when you take the base XL gas model, give it the 4-door cab, and add 4-wheel drive, the electric model is nearly $5,000 less. Just sayin’.

Prices raise with the different models, all the way up to the F-150 Lightning Platinum, which starts at $90,874.

We know you have thoughts on an electric work truck, so let us hear you in the comments below!

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