Are Flex 24V Power Tools Any Good?

Flex 24V 6-1/2 Inch Circular Saw Action | Are Flex 24V Power Tools Any Good?

Turn back the clock to April 2021 and we got our hands on Flex 24V cordless tools for the first time. Our initial impressions were very positive, but now that we’ve had them for a while, it’s time to answer the broader question… are Flex 24V power tools any good?

How Good Are Flex Cordless Power Tools?

Are Flex 24V Power Tools Any Good?

We have primarily focused on Flex’s flagship cordless tools and they’ve been impressive. Tools such as its hammer drill with turbo mode and rear handle circular saw earned our recommendation as the top overall in their class.

Even when they haven’t been the overall winner, Flex 24V tools have been very high performers. For the class they were designed to compete in, they compete well alongside the best names in the business. Part of that has to do with the power source: a 24V lithium-ion battery. Containing sets of 6 cells instead of just 5 like 18V/20V max systems, they legitimately have more power available in the pack.

What About Flex’s Design?

Who owns Flex power tools? | Are Flex 24V Power Tools Any Good?

In addition to the excellent performance that’s typical for Flex’s power tools, they also have some innovation in the design process.

In 2022, Flex introduced Stacked Lithium batteries that use pouch cells instead of round ones. For the tools we tested with them, there was a noticeable difference in performance.

There are plenty of innovations on the tools as well. The Quick Eject addition to the flagship impact driver makes bit changes easier. Flex’s 6 1/2-inch inline circular saw uses a belt drive that lets it cut with the same depth as 7 1/4-inch models and is the best fit we’ve seen for both blade-left and blade-right preferences on a single saw.

If there’s a chink in the armor, it’s that Flex’s cordless tools tend to be heavier than its competitors. While that is certainly a factor in deciding which tool is the best for you, they’re not obnoxiously heavy.

Are Flex 24 Power Tools Expensive?

The price is what seals the deal for Flex. They are designed to be professional-grade tools and compete at the highest performance levels in their class. However, they tend to cost less than their competition—sometimes by a significant margin.

So are Flex 24V power tools any good? Yes, they are. In the end, it’s Flex’s combination of performance, design, and price that earns our recommendation.

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