September 21, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

PTI torque procedure testing

Makita Adopts PTI Torque Procedure for Testing

Makita adopted the new PTI Torque Procedure to measure torque in cordless drills, including driver-drills and hammer driver-drills in driver-drill mode. The new PTI torque testing method, agreed upon by all major power tool companies in the Power Tool Institute, is the industry’s first standard to measure torque in drills. Torque is one of the best means to measure the performance of cordless professional […]

high speed nailing pattern

High Wind Nailing Pattern for Shingles Installation

When preparing for a roofing job you need more than just a good coil roofing nailer and an understanding of OSHA safety rules. Whether it be a complete re-shingle or simply a repair, you’re bound to hear talk about a high-wind nailing pattern – at least if you live near the coast or anywhere in Florida. This is especially true in hurricane-prone areas […]

Which Ceiling Fan Moves the Most Air

Installing a Ceiling Fan in a Home or Office

Installing a ceiling fan is almost a rite of passage. Aside from actually deciding which ceiling fan moves the most air, it’s one of the first projects a new homeowner is likely to come across and also one of the simplest do-it-yourself tasks you can undergo. Once you get the hang of it, the project will fly by quickly and you’ll have […]

Dewalt DW919 - Heavy-Duty 18V Cordless Flexible Floodlight Review

Dewalt DW919 Flexible Floodlight Review

This is one of the handiest flashlights we have ever used. The DeWalt DW919 – Heavy-Duty 18V Cordless Flexible Floodlight is like having a third helping hand when you need it! With the long flexible neck that stays well positioned, you can position the light wherever you want to shine it including wrapping it around a pipe, hanging it from overhead, or setting it on the ground.

Ridgid R8408 Job Site Radio Review

Ridgid R8408 Jobsite Radio Review

Built jobsite tough, the Ridgid R8408 Job Site Radio comes out with an industry first, built-in iPod docking station and a separate Aux Input Jack all located inside a protective compartment. Standard with a steel roll cage handle that encompasses all but the base which is made of impact resistant plastic, this radio is ready for you to crank out the work like a machine as you listen to your music. For you racing fans, there is a scanner that picks up the common race scanner frequencies.

Milwaukee V28 Job Site Radio Review

Milwaukee V28 Job Site Radio (49-24-0280) Review

The Milwaukee V28 Job Site Radio does the job it was designed to do with decent reception, good sound and tough-as-nails construction. No more busted boom boxes with this brute around. With its rugged construction, this radio can reportedly fall 8 feet on concrete and still function properly! Standard with a host of features, this radio is the perfect companion to any serious Milwaukee fan or any contractor looking for dependable tunes on the job site.

DeWalt DC11 radio

DeWalt DC011 Radio Charger Review

The work radio with roll bars! The Heavy Duty DeWALT DC011 Radio and Charger is a great choice if you are using standard DeWalt batteries and need a radio on the go. The radio includes a digital tuner, built in clock, an auxiliary input jack for your mp3 player and a 1 hour, 3 stage charger for 7.2-18 Volt NiCd batteries.

Bosch PB10-CD Power Box

Bosch PB10-CD PowerBox Jobsite Stereo Review

The Bosch PB10 Power Box Advanced Jobsite Stereo combines many practical (four GFCI protected power outlets) and popular (40 second anti-skip CD player) functions into one package. The radio is suspended inside an aluminum roll cage that is design to withstand a 10 foot job site fall. With large, easy to use buttons and dials, even a gloved hand can make adjustments.

Ridgid 26743 SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Review

Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Review 26743

Find it – See it – Fix it! That pretty much sums up what you can do with the Ridgid 26743 SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera. Compact size, numerous features and a good image make this a must-have tool. Now it is easy to get inside a wall or ceiling and check for pipe leaks or other issues without excessive damage to the walls. It is much easier to patch up a 3/4″ hole rather than an opening big enough to get your head into!

Makita LXT702 18 Volt Li-Ion 7-piece Combo Kit Review

Makita LXT702 Combo 7-piece Kit Review

Makita is breaking into the lithium-ion realm with gusto and is offering 8 new 18V li-ion combo kits, from 2-piece kits to full 15-piece master kits that will leaving you wanting for nothing. We took a first look at their latest 7-piece combo kit which includes, among other things, a 1/2-inch hammer drill, a 6.5-inch circular saw, impact driver, reciprocating saw, 4.5-inch angle grinder, flashlight and jobsite radio. This is a robust kit that only leaves off smaller-sized versions of what’s provided here.