AstroAI Lithium-ion Battery Jump Starter

AstroAI lithium-ion battery jump starter

Unless you live underneath a proverbial rock, the days of pulling out jumper cables have long passed. While you can do that, new products like the AstroAI Lithium-ion battery jump starter make it much easier to start a dead battery. Fewer cables…No complex maneuvering of vehicles…Less time wasted. Plus, using something like the AstroAI 2000A 12V 8-in-1 Portable Battery Jump Starter, you can jumpstart a vehicle all by yourself.

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How the AstroAI Jump Starter Works

The way the portable AstroAI Lithium-ion and other types of jump starters work is through the way the three internal lithium-ion batteries can discharge high levels of current. This particular jump-starter has a peak starting current of 2000A. The typical current supply is more like 1000-amps—still plenty to jump the 12V battery in a car or SUV. It tackles gas engines up to 7.0L (or 3.0L diesel engines).

AstroAI ports

The process for jump-starting a vehicle works as follows:

  1. Press the orange Power button on the AstroAI Lithium-ion battery jump starter to ensure you have enough remaining battery power. You want more than 50% charge for best results.
  2. Plug the included alligator-style jumper clamps into the AstroAI jump starter.
  3. Connect the red clamp to the positive (+) terminal and the black clamp to the negative (–) terminal of your vehicle battery. The LCD screen tells you “JUMP START READY”.
  4. Note: If you hear beeping, that means you have the jumper cables switched. Ensure you have the correct polarity before proceeding.
  5. Start your vehicle. You may need to give the AstroAI a few minutes to transfer enough energy to the battery. If the vehicle still won’t start or turn over, you can press the “Boost” button for 3 seconds to supply additional current to the vehicle and star a fully-drained battery.
  6. After the vehicle starts, remove the clamps and put away the system.
AstroAI LCD screen lighted

More AstroAI Lithium-ion Battery Jump Starter Details

AstroAI includes short-circuiting, overcurrent, overvoltage, and overload protection. Between this and the warning beeps, you should stay clear of anything that would harm the jump-starter. In the course of this review, we flipped the cables and experienced the warning beeps. That feature alone really helps this product work well for people who may have never used a portable jump-starter before.

AstroAI lithium battery jump starter

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Other Handy Features

Two USB ports let you charge devices at various capacities. The blue USB 3.0 output port on the AstroAI Lithium-ion battery jump starter can charge mobile phones and even small laptops up to 3A (5V/3A or 9V/2A). Another 5V 2.4A USB 2.0 port provides fast charging for phones.

You can also plug in the included 12V external port (“cigarette adaptor”) for up to 10A power. The portable jump-start/power supply charges via a USB-C port.

USB LCD light

We also like the included LED flashlight. Just press and hold the orange Light button and it activates. Press the button repeatedly cycles through flashlight, strobe, SOS, and emergency red light modes. Long-press the button to turn off the light.


The AstroAI Lithium-ion battery jump starter worked well for us. It works well to quickly and easily jump-start vehicles like our 2003 Jeep Liberty. With these new products, you really just need to find the features you like. The AstroAI has some decent ones and we found it a great solution for ensuring you’re never left without a means of reviving a dead battery.

In the end, the AstroAI 18000 mAh battery is powerful enough to jump-start most small-to-medium passenger vehicles. It works as well as any other lithium-ion jump starter we’ve tested to date.


  • Model: AstroAI 18000mAh battery jump starter
  • LED lighting modes: Flashlight/strobe light/SOS/Red
  • Peak current: 2000A
  • Start current: 1000A
  • Capacity: 18.0Ah
  • Engine compatibility: Up to 7.0L gas/3.0L diesel
  • Smart clamps intelligent jump clamps with protection
  • Power output: Dual USB quick charging ports (5V/9V); 12V/10A DC output
  • Lifetime: 1000+ cycles
  • Weight: 2.0 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 4 x 1.6 in.
  • Includes: Jump starter, jumper clamps, USB charging cable, user guide
  • Price: $79.99

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