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Ashley Furniture Faces Heavy OSHA Fines

Ashley Furniture Facing Massive Rebuke from OSHA

Ashley Furniture Prepares for $1.76 Million Fine Following the report of a three finger amputation at Ashley Furniture’s Arcadia, Wisconsin factory, an OSHA press release reports that the organization found significant violations. According to the report, over 1000 injuries were sustained by the company’s 4500 employees in a 3-1/2 year period. Aside from mentioning a couple […]

Dremel VersaTip - Best Cordless Heat Gun

Dremel VersaTip Butane Torch Review

I remember back in the day being simply amazed by my Dad’s soldering iron. The idea that you could take a metal wire and melt it with a small, corded tool that gripped like a pencil was simply fascinating. Of course, Dad was using it for various fishing applications and I got the completely wrong […]


CoffeeBoxx: Your New Jobsite Coffeemaker?

Fresh off their successful Kickstarter campaign, the CoffeeBoxx might be the only product on the market durable enough to be called a jobsite coffeemaker. So why am I excited about a jobsite coffeemaker? Let’s a take a closer look at what the CoffeeBoxx promises to deliver. As an introduction, the makers of CoffeeBoxx tell us […]

Jobsite Work Light

How to Choose a Jobsite Work Light

There has been an increase in the number of and interest in jobsite work lights recently. More affordable LEDs and a demand to have a light that runs on the same battery platform you’re already using is driving manufacturers to meet that demand. There are still some questions left to be answered though. I’ll help […]

Safety Third: Crane Proposal

Safety Third Award: Mr. I Used a Crane to Propose

Our Managing Editor, Kenny Koehler, recently proposed to his now fiancee’. After listening to the very sweet story, I have to say that he’s way too conservative for a Safety Third style proposal like this guy! In the Dutch town of Ijsselstein (yeah, I don’t really know how to pronounce that), a man devised a […]

Bosch 6.0 AH Battery

Bosch 6.0 AH Battery Announced for Europe

Bosch 6.0 AH Batteries Have Been Announced for the European Market, But What Does That Mean for the US? Didn’t we hit 3.0 amp hour batteries last week? That’s what it feels like, but Europe is anxiously awaiting the Bosch 6.0 ah battery to show up on (and presumably fly off of) store shelves. Of […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Ryobi One+ Hybrid Work Light

Ryobi P720 Hybrid LED Work Light

The newest member of Ryobi’s One+ 18V family is the P720 Ryobi Hybrid LED work light. The 20-watt LED light features 1700 lumens of light output. It runs off of either a standard power cord or your Ryobi One+ 18V battery. Neither are included, but any extension cord works beautifully and you’ve already got a […]

OSHA public workplace injury database mandated

New OSHA Reporting Requirements Coming Jan 1

OSHA Reporting Requirements Change January 1st – Be Sure Your Staff is Informed! With the new year always comes changes in the law and that includes OSHA reporting requirements for several areas in 2015. The big ones involve serious injuries and death. Of course, it’s your responsibility as the business owner to make sure that […]

Home Depot Pro Xtra

Home Depot Pro Xtra Pre-Black Friday Sale

Home Depot Pro Xtra Members to Take Advantage of Pre-Black Friday Sale Prices on November 20th Home Depot Pro Xtra members will have access to exclusive deals ahead of the mayhem that Black Friday often presents. Are you a professional, but not a Home Depot Pro Xtra member yet? That’s okay. You are still invited. […]

Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents: Weird Way to Lose A Thumb

First David C. Smith Safety Third Award Presented for Construction Accident in Florida There are plenty of ways to get injured on the job. Construction accidents, sadly, happen every day. One of the more common injuries, particularly around saws, is to lose a finger. Removing safety features on a table saw will do it. So […]