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When should you rent tools vs buying

When Should You Rent Tools vs Buying Them?

Everyone loves opening up that box with a shiny new tool inside. Buying and using the latest cool, new tools has to be one of the reasons we got into the construction trades in the first place, right? But when should you rent tools vs buying them? Renting may seem obvious for SkidSteers and loaders. […]

labor only jobs

Should You Take Labor-Only Jobs?

I had an interesting question from a homeowner recently. The client was in the planning stages of a home remodeling project—in this case, the installation of some floor tile and backsplash tile in her kitchen. She was considering hiring a contractor to provide only the labor for the project. She planned on buying all the […]

Tips on Keeping OSHA Away from Your Job Site

Tips on Keeping OSHA Away from Your Jobsite

For many contractors, they’re the four most dreaded initials in the alphabet soup of government agencies. OSHA. But who is this agency, and how can they affect your business? In this two-part series, we’ll look at some tips on keeping OSHA away from your jobsite and help stop them from visiting your site. We’ll also show you how […]

6 Construction Trends to Look for this Year

Do You Need Every Job? When to Say No

Do you need to take every job that comes your way? You know the feeling. The phone rings, and it’s a new client with a new job. You’re happy about the call and eager to set up the appointment. Your company policy has always been to take on anything and everything—from small decks to remodels […]

Change Orders for Construction

Change Orders for Construction Can Be a Financial Lifesaver

You can probably count on one hand the number of projects you’ve completed without some kind of change along the way. Changes are a fact of life for contractors. However, how you document and deal with those changes can make a huge difference in your bottom line—and your sanity! So the question is: Are you […]

What to do if OSHA Shows up on Your Job Site

What to Do if OSHA Shows up on Your Job Site

We’ve covered keeping OSHA away from your job site, but inspectors keep stepping up site visits and compliance efforts. This month, I want to run through some interesting tips I picked up from an OSHA compliance seminar, on what to do if OSHA shows up on your job site. Of course, this also covers what not […]