BernzOmatic FirePoint Creator Tool BZ8360T

BernzOmatic FirePoint Creator Tool BZ8360T

Give Yourself More Artistic Freedom with the BernzOmatic FirePoint Creator Tool

Hand-held torches have been on the market for a long time. Just when you would think there is not much room to improve, the folks over at BernzOmatic introduce the FirePoint Creator Tool.

Using the BernzOmatic FirePoint Creator Tool

This handheld torch pairs the power of precision with intense direct heat. Getting started is incredibly easy, too.

The bottle stand supports both 14-ounce and 1-pound fuel cylinders. Additionally, there are three holes in the base of the stand so you can permanently mount it to your workbench.

base propane cylinder stand

Once the fuel cylinder is in place, thread on the valve and the BernzOmatic FirePoint Creator Tool is good to go. The valve design is pretty simple with only ON/OFF positions. It’s also worth noting that gas will not free-flow in the “ON” position. We love the simple yet clear design of this valve.

Bernzomatic propane regulator

On the business end, the torch handle is designed for single-handed use and the flexible hose provides 41 inches of reach. It has an auto on/off ignition button and also has a lock-on option for continuous use. When your work is done, you can stow the torch in a heat-resistant torch dock to safely store the hot tool after switching off the flame.

BernzOmatic FirePoint Creator switch

Pro Tip: Disconnect your fuel cylinder when not using it to prevent potential slow leaks.

BernzOmatic FirePoint Creator Tool Design Notes


The overall look and feel of this BernzOmatic torch are certainly premium. A textured rubber overmold encapsulates the torch handle so you can maintain a secure grip during precision tasks. The ignition button and flow control dial are positioned nicely for one-handed operation.

BernzOmatic FirePoint Creator Tool

BernzOmatic FirePoint Creator Tool Price

This torch retails for $74.98 as a bare tool. It comes with the torch and a bottle stand that accommodates either 14-ounce or 1-pound fuel cylinders. Additionally, it has a 3-year limited warranty and is returnable within 90-days of purchase.

The company offers a selection of products to fit a wide variety of applications and tasks. Check out the BernzOmatic Torch Selector guide to figure out which model is right for you!


  • Model: BernzOmatic BZ8360T
  • Fuel Source: Propane or MAPP-Pro
  • Hose Length: 41 in.
  • Weight: 1.75 lbs.
  • Cooling Method: Air Cooled
  • Warranty: 3-year limited
  • Price: $74.98

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