Best Makita Tools at World of Concrete

Makita Cordless Power Cutter - Best Makita Tools at World of Concrete 2020

Makita showed off its latest innovation in Las Vegas in one of the biggest shows of the year. Figuring out which tools make the top of the list is tough, but we’re up for the task. Here are our picks for the best Makita tools at World of Concrete!

Best Makita Tools at World of Concrete

Makita 18V LXT Mid-Torque Impact Wrench

Makita’s upcoming mid-torque impact wrench is a fantastic balance of power and size. Larger than a compact model and well under the size of Makita’s larger models, this impact wrench packs an impressive 516 ft-lbs of fastening torque and 738 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque.

It’s a 4-speed model that also includes some electronic assistance. There are three levels of forward auto-stop when you’re fastening. These give you a few options for how much tightening you want to do without overtightening.

In reverse, there’s also an auto-stop feature. These are great, but sometimes you’re working on a longer bolt with a deep socket and you’d rather not hand thread off 3/4 of the length. For that, Makita drops down to a slow reverse to help you control the speed without having to feather the trigger.

Pricing and availability are still TBA.

Makita Mid-Torque Impact Wrench - Best Makita Tools at World of Concrete 2020

Makita XEC01 18V X2 Cordless 9″ Power Cutter

Makita’s cordless power cutter shares similar features with other cordless models, but this model incorporates an electronic clutch control rather than a mechanical one. It also includes Automatic Feedback Technology and uses the same 80mm brushless motor as Makita’s 1-9/16″ 18V X2 rotary hammer.

We had the opportunity to do some cutting and found a remarkably smooth cutting experience. The chatter we expected simply wasn’t there. Much like Makita’s circular saws, its premium design is something you can feel when you’re using it.

We expect prices to run around $899 for the kit when it stores in May/June.

Makita Cordless Power Cutter - Best Makita Tools at World of Concrete 2020

Makita PDC01 Battery Backpack

When you’re ready to extend your runtime without running back for another set of batteries, check out Makita’s Battery Backpack. It holds four 18V batteries to give you 4x the runtime on your 18V tools or twice the runtime on your 18V X2 tools. For power-hungry products like blowers and rotary hammers, it’s a huge help.

Expect retail prices around $529.

Makita Battery Backpack - Best Makita Tools at World of Concrete 2020

Makita 18V X2 or AC Upright Light

Makita’s new upright light pops up to 5500 lumens from its hybrid 18V X2/AC power sources. You can run just the left side, right side, or the full 360º of LEDs. When you’re running on AC power, you can daisy chain multiple lights together.

There are a couple of things Makita is doing differently, starting with the handle design. It’s balanced in a way that lets you carry the light with one hand but without slapping the base against your leg as you walk.

Another intentional design feature is that the light doesn’t pop back up if you lean all the way on its side. That’s because it’s easier to store and transport multiple lights when they can lay down and stack.

Pricing is still TBA on this one.

Makita Hybrid Upright Light - Best Makita Tools at World of Concrete 2020

Makita XKH01 Cordless Power Scraper

Makita’s first dedicated cordless power scraper combines 3200 BPM and 2.2 ft-lbs of impact energy to tackle your scraping, chiseling, and light chipping duties. We see it doing some of its best work in the hands of remodelers and flooring specialists taking out tile, linoleum, and other stubborn floorings.

You can set your bit in any of 12 positions to keep the tool in the most natural position to attack the surface. There’s also a variable speed dial and lock-on button so you can focus on the work and not the trigger. Makita wraps it all in a package that includes their AVT (Anti-Vibration Technology) counterbalance system, reducing the fatigue that comes from vibration.

We’ve seen both the bare tool and kit on Amazon, but take those prices with a grain of salt until other retailers get the power scraper in stock around March or April.

Makita Cordless Power Scraper - Best Makita Tools at World of Concrete 2020

Makita Couple Shaft Blower Attachment

Makita’s newest 18V X2 blower moves more air than any other model they currently offer. Here’s the crazy thing—it’s an attachment for the multi-head system. It pushes 480 CFM at 130 MPH. Despite the fact that it looks like it should add all kinds of weight to the front of the system, it’s pretty easy to use.

It’s the 13th attachment Makita offers to a system that uses either an 18V X2 or gas power head.

Pricing and availability are still TBA on this one.

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