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Better Built Jobsite Storage Chest Review 2048-BB

Better Built Jobsite Storage Chest Offers Solid Security and Budget-Friendly Pricing

We brought in a Better Built jobsite storage chest to see how this unassuming gray box stacks up against some of the other color options out there. After all, with a name like Better Built, you ought to be better built!


  • Solid 16-gauge construction with 7-gauge skids
  • Recessed handles have 90º stops
  • Lock system protects against saws and bolt cutters
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Very good value at $427.98 (48-inch model)


  • No gas springs
  • Basic box only—no storage organization


Our experience with the Better Built jobsite storage chest is very positive. Its combination of solid construction and security with a budget-friendly price makes it the perfect choice for any professional that needs a basic box for on-site storage. Plus, it’s Made in the USA!

Is the Better Built Jobsite Storage Chest Actually Better Built?


The box starts with 16-gauge steel and is arc-welded to keep it together. That’s the same gauge steel we see on boxes from Jobox, Ridgid, and others.

The skids are a little beefier than some of the cheaper options, using 7-gauge steel.

Like all jobsite boxes, you need a finish to protect the steel from corrosion. Better Built opts for a more durable powder coating over a simple coat of paint.

Just like any steel box, the metal can rust once the powder coating is scratched through. The biggest area of concern is around the lid. If you’re planning on keeping this chest long-term, put a layer of foam rubber tape or weatherstripping around the edge where the lid hits.

Storage Space

We chose the 2048-BB model. It’s 48-inch length is appropriate for the space it’s going to live in. With 28 inches of height and 24 inches of depth, it has a total of 16 cubic feet of storage space.

Other standard boxes in the Better Built line range from 5 cubic feet (32 x 18 1/2 x 19 inches) to 20 cubic feet (60 x 38 x 24 inches). Sloped chest and piano box options can give you as much as 47.8 cubic feet of space if you want to go bigger.


If you’re going to leave tools on-site, you need to know they’re going to be secure. That means you need locks that can’t be cut and a lid that doesn’t allow easy bypassing of your lock. Almost no box is perfect if you give criminals enough time (or lifting power), but this Better Built jobsite storage chest has a good design for what’s in its control.

Two lock positions recess deep enough to keep them out of reach of saw blades and bolt cutters. The tangs that secure them are a full 1/4-inch thick and awfully tough to defeat with a pry bar. We recommend using both lock positions for the best lid security.

A standard padlock doesn’t do the job—you need a particular size thanks to the recess. Look for a padlock that has at least a 1 7/16-inch shackle in the open position and 1 3/16-inch or less closed. For the width, it needs to be no more than 2 1/4 inches wide. You can go with a keyed or combination lock.

On the opposite side, the hinge is staked and welded, giving it a secure hold to the box.

While no jobsite chest is completely invulnerable, Better Built does a fine job of keeping this one from being an easy target.

Additional Features

The handles recess into the side well. That’s a feature we prefer for people like PTR Managing Editor, Kenny Koehler, who tend to run into things that stick out. The handles also have a stop at 90º, giving you good rotation straight out from the box and further away from any pinch points.

There’s knockout in the back if you want to run power. We find it helpful for making sure batteries get charged overnight. Better Built has a Power Pass grommet that you can get your hands on to pop in there so you’re not rubbing cords directly against the steel.

Right on the spreader hinge, there’s a locking mechanism you can engage to keep the box from accidentally closing. That’s a must-have feature on any box that doesn’t have gas spring to hold itself open.


You can pick up this 48-inch Better Built jobsite storage chest for $427.98. That’s on the budget-friendly side of what’s available in a 48-inch box, but not quite as low as some. It’s a good price for a chest that has a better build than the bargain-priced models.

Moving up in price, you can find options such as gas springs, more complex locking, and perhaps some organization elements. Those things are nice to have, but not really necessary for the way most of these boxes are used on site.

The Bottom Line

Our experience with the Better Built jobsite storage chest is very positive. Its combination of solid construction and security with a budget-friendly price makes it the perfect choice for any professional that needs a basic box for on-site storage. Plus, it’s Made in the USA!

Better Built Tool Box Specs

  • Model: Better Built 2048-BB
  • Style: Chest
  • Material: Steel
  • Steel Gauge: 16-ga box, 7-ga skids
  • Length: 48 in.
  • Width: 24 in.
  • Height: 28 in.
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Price: $427.98

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