Bosch BS 150 Compact Tripod

Bosch BS-150 tripod

So tripods don’t get me all that excited, but it’s cool that you can now order a BS 150 Compact Tripod from Bosch Measuring Tools. This is sold either as a standalone product or as part of a kit that includes the GLL3-80 360-degree 3-Plane Leveling and Alignment Line Laser. The BS 150 has the expected collapsible legs and weighs just two pounds. For tripods, light weight can actually be bad as the tripod can move around on you too easily…but you get stability or portability—not both. Bosch opted for the latter. The compact BS 150 tripod has what’s known as a 1/4-20 threaded mount that is compatible with most line lasers, point lasers and laser measures (as well as most DSLR or compact cameras).

Bosch BS 150 Compact Tripod Features

The Bosch BS 150 Compact Tripod includes a detachable mounting base (or shoe) that attaches to your laser or level and lets you take it on and off the tripod quickly. Adjustments are as you’d expect and the legs are dual-extention models that can raise the tripod to a height of up to 58 inches with a quick clamping system.

Bosch BS 150 tripod kit with GLL3-80

Like most compact tripods, leveling is accomplished solely by the legs, so you really benefit from a laser that has an autoleveling feature as it saves you from having to tinker much with the setup. If you go for the BS 150 + GLL3-80 kit, you get the GLL3-80 laser, BS 150 compact tripod, a laser carrying pouch, target, an instruction manual and four AA batteries. The stand-alone BS 150 includes just the BS 150 and instruction manual (oddly enough, neither kit includes a tripod case).

The BS 150 + GLL3-80 Kit is about $530 online, while the BS 150 sells for $50.

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