Bosch Impact Tough Screwdriving Bit Sets

Bosch Impact Tough 40-Piece Drill Bit Set

Last Updated on August 16, 2022

It never fails – I’m walking down the tool aisle of a store and have to stop and stare at the accessories. After all, who knows when something new might show up? While I always need #2 Phillips bits and a couple of sizes of Torx, I typically pick up sets that cover some of the other oddball stuff I run into. Bosch Impact Tough Screwdriving Bit Sets offer almost limitless configurations of drill and driver bits. We wanted to see if they provided a good value for tradesmen and DIYers alike.

Common Features of Bosch Impact Tough Screwdriving Bit Sets

Bosch covers the majority of needs for Pros with a combination of Phillips, square, combination, and Torx bits. You can also find kits with nut drivers, bit holders, and a selection of up to 8 basic drill bits. A sampling of contents—based on the DDMS40 kit includes the following contents:

  • Phillip’s Head:  (2) P1, (4) P2, (1) P2 (reduced), (1) P3
  • Combination: (2) Combo Bit (P2R2)
  • Square: (1) R1, (4) R2, (1) R3
  • Torx: (1) T5, (2) T20, (3) T25, (1) T30, (1) T40
  • 2″ Power Bits: (2) P2, (1) P3, (1) R2, (1) R3, (1) T25, (1) T30
  • Black Oxide Drill Bits: (2) 1/16″, (2) 3/32″, (1) 1/8″, (1) 5/32″, (1) 3/16″, (1) 1/4″
  • Bit Holder: (1) Standard 1/4″ Bit Holder

Field Notes

One of the things I really like with this set is that Bosch makes each of the internal red trays removable. It’s a small touch that makes accessing the bits easier or lets you carry just what you need instead of the entire case if space is an issue.

Bosch Impact Tough 40-Piece Drill Bit Set

The black oxide coating on the Impact Tough Screwdriver bit sets gives them some extra protection when drilling or driving. With kits including drill bits, they included two each of the smaller sizes (1/16″ and 3/32″). Having a spare of the most breakable bits made us think someone at Bosch paid attention to practical needs of its user base.

Bosch Impact Tough 40-Piece Drill Bit Set

In our kit, Bosch also included an assortment of 2-inch power bits in this Impact Tough Screwdriving set. We find these more convenient to use in impact drivers than 1″ bits that typically require a bit holder. They cost more since they take more material to produce and have a longer Torsion Zone.

Bosch Impact Tough 40-Piece Drill Bit Set

Pro Tip: While you can use impact-rated bits in both an impact driver or drill/driver, it’s not usual for a standard bit to outperform them in wood fastening applications. Impact bits do their best work in metal fastening where absorbing the shock is much more critical. See our article on impact-rated bits for more information.

Price and Value

Priced between $20 and $30, depending on the configuration, Bosch gives you tons of great options. The price and value fall somewhere between the most premium solutions and those of value brands. Realistically, they’re priced well and come from a brand that dominates much of the accessories market. Bosch Impact Tough Screwdriving Bit Sets are easily priced within reach for both professional tradesmen and DIYers.

One other quick note about buying bit sets like these Impact Tough sets from Bosch. Most Pros have their go-to bits. The value of a set like these isn’t that you’re getting something you don’t already have— it’s that you can put an extra general purpose set of bits in your tool bag, toolbox, trailer, or truck. That way, you know you always have the right bits available when you need them.

Bosch Impact Tough 40-Piece Drill Bit Set Key Features

  • Impact Tough bit design – both driver and drill bits are impact rated and provide longer bit life than standard impact bits
  • Driver bit Xtended Torsion Zone – helps to absorb high-torque of new impact drivers
  • Black oxide coating on drill bits – provides lower fiction, along with less heat for long life
  • Tilt-in/tilt-out case mechanism – allows easier access to bits
  • Customized storage configuration – provides efficiency so the right bit is always at hand
  • Precision-engineered driver bit tips – deliver a tighter fit and less cam-out
  • Heat-treated bit manufacturing – provides a stronger bit tip
  • High-visibility bit markings – makes finding the correct bit for the job easier
  • Durable case – features a secure case latch and rubber bumpers

Bosch Impact Tough Screwdriver Bit Set Specifications

  • Models: Bosch SDMS48, SDMS44, SDMS40, SDMS38, SDMS32, SDMS24, DDMS40, DDMS20
  • Application: Screwdriving and drilling accessories
  • Case Type: Hard plastic
  • Hardness: Impact Tough
  • Pieces: 24-48
  • Weight: 1.29 lbs.
  • Price: $17.99–$31.49

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