Bosch L-Boxx Tool Storage System

Bosch L-Boxx Tool Storage System Preview

We got our hands on the Sortimo-sourced Bosch L-Boxx tool storage system. The new products seem to compete directly with Festool’s Systainers (though Bosch was delicate when addressing this in their presentation). The L-Boxx targets mobile work, but its simplification of the transport and storage of power tools, accessories, and consumables makes it appealing to just about everyone. Sortimo is a market leader for in-vehicle equipment systems, and Bosch was brilliant in working directly with a company that seems to understand transport and storage systems.

Custom-fit Bosch L-Boxx Tool Containers

Bosch intends to, as an option, ship many of its tools in custom-fit L-Boxx containers. The first tools to ship with L-Boxx as an option will be the Bosch 12V 3/8″ Drill/Driver, 12V Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit, and the corded 6.4-amp jigsaw (1590EVSKL). Here’s how it breaks down:

ProductModel #SizeAvailabilityMSRP
Bosch 12V 3/8″ Drill/DriverPS31-2ALLBOXX 19/1/2010$159
12V Max Multi-X Oscillating Tool KitPS50-2BLLBOXX 29/1/2010$199
Corded 6.4-amp Jigsaw1590EVSKLLBOXX 210/1/2010$199

Across the pond, the Bosch L-boxx already ships with several tools. The design also seems to be evolving somewhat. The company also has tool inserts for existing products. This makes it easy to stack and protect your arsenal of power tools.

Bosch L-Boxx system 2

Bosch L-Boxx vs Festool Systainers

Bosch L-Boxx case

The Bosch L-Boxx seems to have taken everything about the Systainers and improved it. The L-Boxx system stacks and opens more easily and costs less. They have both side and top handles so you can move your tools about as needed, however you desire. The stacking mechanism is different than the Festool Systainers in that it uses a patented one-click system that exists on the sides of the boxes.

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This means you don’t need to manually latch four separate fastening points to attach and detach them from each other (like the Festool Systainer). Also, since the one-click mechanism is independent of the two lid latches, the Bosch L-Boxx won’t open on you accidentally while you are stacking them up or taking them apart. The L-Boxx units can even be independently locked thanks to integrated holes along the front which will accept any number of locking systems. What they don’t have is any method for locking an entire stack of boxes together. That would be nice for those using a lot of these in work vans or shops.

Several models exist, ranging in price from $49-$79. You can customize the Bosch L-Boxx storage boxes with options and accessories. Each box features a decal on the front informing the user as to the contents, making it easier to differentiate one L-Boxx from another. Bosch hasn’t released an exact schedule of when the various inserts and configurations will be made available, but we expect a steady roll-out once the products hit the market in force.

Bosch L-Boxx system


The Bosch L-Boxx system looks to be a winner. It’s going to be even better if the company offers it as an option for all of its power tools. Multiplied across the entire Bosch line of cordless and corded products, you can have efficient and convenient storage for all your drills, saws, and measurement tools.

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