Plumbing Tool Reviews & Buying Guides

In this subcategory our plumbing tool reviews cover hand tools and power tools. Everything suited specifically for the plumber or plumbing tradesmen shows up here. That includes PEX crimpers, butane torches, pipe cutters, drain augers, and other plumbing tools. For finding things behind walls, our inspection cameras comparison offers some key products in that area. Plumbing Tool Reviews for the Tradesman Specific tools in this section include the Ryobi P4001 18V One+ drain auger and the Ridgid Telescoping basin wrench among others. You also have larger, more commercial products like the Milwaukee M12 Force Logic press tool and the Ridgid 238-P powered soil pipe cutter. A combination of great hand tools and power tools in this category will help plumbers work smarter. Better tools can help plumbers work faster, but they can also reduce effort. The best tools can also simplify the number of tools needed to get a job done.